Beyond Prayer….

Being better in any area of life is going to take active partipation…I used to think that prayer was the end all. Yes, we as Christians, are called to prayer. As a matter of fact, we are called to pray without ceasing…that means without stopping, no matter the circumstances, no matter how you feel, without doubting the goodness and worthiness of God (interpretation mine)

Yes, when I see areas of my life that need to be changed, my first instinct is to pray. Talk to God about it. Ask Him to help me be better. But for  awhile, that’s where I stopped. I told God about it. Waited patiently for Him to change me instantly. Guess what? Most times nothing happened. Nothing changed. I didn’t change. My life ans shortcomings stayed the same. For years, I’ve complained about my weight. I’ve prayed. I’ve cried. I continued to eat the cake and drink the sodas. 

Until one day something in me changed. I got FitBit. I started setting aside time to walk  and meet a goal. I started drinking greens smoothies every morning and stopped buying soda. I started drinking more water and eating less sweets. I started putting more thought into meals and incorporating more salads for myself. And guess what? Over the summer, I’ve lost 13 lbs.

But it took me doing something beyond my prayer. I prayed. I acted. I made new habits. I’ve seen positive results.

Pray. Yes, never stop praying. Pray big, bold prayers. Speak truth. Speak and expect good things over and for yourself. And then act. Do good. Do the word. Do what needs to be done so that you can be better….and do this all over again. Daily. 

How Hospitable Are You???

Hospitality…is one of thise things I didnt know that I had until I had to use it. As a wife to a coach, who is also an extrovert, there could be any  number of people inviyed to our home at any time. 

So here’s a few tips I’ve picked up ovrt the years…

Decorate seasonally. Nothing makes a home feel more welcoming than having special touches all around to match the season. Most times I  find great decor, for low prices, in the dollar aisle at Target and also at Dollar Stores

Pops of Color. Add character and flair throughout your home with pops of color with your area rugs, throws, pillows, kitchen towels, etc.

Fresh Flowers. Fresh cut flowers automatically class up any space. They dont have to be super expensive either. Check for deals at yoiur local grocery stores, farmers markets and also big box stores like Sam’s Club and BJ’s.

Scent.  A home that smells good is definitely a plus! Invest in candles, plug-ins, air fresheners and even essential oil dispensers.What ever you like, let that scent lightly envelope your home!

Snacks. Everybody loves snacks!!! Always keep a few on hand. Juice, water, hot beverages, chips/dip, nuts, cookies etc. Whatever the snack, try to have a variety to give your guest a choice.

Peaceful Atmosphere. Nothing sets an atmosphere better than prayer. Pray over your home, your guest and your family. Ask God to help you show forth His love and that your home be filled with His presence and peace.


I Choose…

So originally I was going tp start this post with all that is going wrong in the world with violence, racism and patriotism…but Im choosing to write about what I can do…

I can choose to affirm my family and those I come into contact with…

I can continue to open our home, show hospitatility  and invite people into our life to see our family, a black family, living for  and loving God…

I can continue to to be a light in even the darkest situations…

I can continue to love on the young men my husband coaches…

So, I will choose to love in spite of all that’s going wrong in the world.

I choose to be strengthened and encouraged  instead of negative and suspicious…I choose to remain focused on building and teaching my children. What do you choose????

In the Midst of the Mundane…

Today I was in the car running errands, you know doing the mundane tasks that have to be done😉, and I had this moment of gratitude…like real thankfulness where my eyes got teary and I just thought about all of God’s goodness. There’s been a couple of things  that have happened where before I would have been down and out, upset and my thoughts would have ran wild. But in spite of it all I was able to just thank God for His grace and for His peace…

Have a great day and I hope you even in the midst of the mundane, you have a grateful heart❤️❤️❤️❤️

Monday Motivation…dream

Don’t be afraid to dream big dreams,

Dreams that cause you to question all that you are and what you’re made of.

Dream. Plan. Do.

Don’t stop at dreaming. Write out a plan. Do what you once thought was impossible…inspire others to do the same❤️

Doing Something New…

A few months ago I started something new…a Podcast!!! 

This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while but I put off. There was so many unknowns. Who would listen? What would I talk about? How would my voice sound? Would I be good at it?

These are all the questions that Ran through my head and continue to as I do more episodes. I’m on episode four and it’s still new to me. I’m not completely comfortable and I’m not the best at the techie type stuff. You’ll hear me say “umm”, you’ll hear background noises and it’ll be pretty to the point…but guess what??? I’m doing it and I love it!!! As I get better, it’ll get better too. This is an extension of my blog- I hope that you love it and subscribe😘😘😘. 

Check out the link below:

Monday Motivation…Guard Your Heart❤️❤️❤️

Ever heard of the saying “Don’t let what’s going on around you get in you”…well, that’s the focus today. Undeniably, our country is going through a lot right now: murder, injustice, fear, racial tension, hate, blame, and pretty much in other negative thing you can name. However, it’s so important to guard our hearts against all those negative emotions. If not everything that’s going on will cause our views, attitudes and thoughts to be impacted, for the worse, by the many hurts we see and feel. 

Let’s be honest-with all the things we’ve all seen over the past week, we could easily be fearful and hateful toward the people that we feel have been the cause of the pain. We can start having prejudices towards those that don’t look like us. We can feel as if we are scared and unworthy if an injustice was done to someone we relate too…

Please know that these are the very reasons we have to guard our hearts-the place where the issues of life is stored. Don’t allow all that will never help unite us or bring change seep into your heart-the center of your being.

Take the time to pray, meditate, step away from social media, whatever you have to do, to live in peace even when all around you is void of it…

Guard your heart and protect it from being hardened by everything that we’ve seen…xo

Heartbroken and Tired…

To say the last couple of days have been emotional is an understatement…like most people Ive seen two black men killed on social media. My heart hurts knowing that one’s son witnessed the death of his father on Facebook along with the rest of the world and the other,  just four years old, was in the backseat as her father was shot and killed. 

Like so many others, this hits so close to home bc I’m black, my husband is black and we are raising four black children. We have been so intentional about exposing our children to diversity and showing them that God created everyone with a purpose and in His image. Our home. Church. School. Places where our  children will see, interact with and form relationships with people who don’t necessarily look like them, which is a great thing. 

But seeing these two murderers really brought back perspective that racism is alive and well-whether its systematic or casual. And although we are surrounded by and know some great people, we are still a black family. And with that comes the responsibility of not only teaching our children to love/respect everyone but also how to respond when and if that same love/respect isn’t reciprocated. Never do I want our children to be naive enough to think that bc of their character and hearts that their skin color will never be an issue. But I never want them to live feeling as if their skin color will always be an issue. 

We teach our children to love who God created them to be no matter what-their skin color, hair texture, gifts, talents, interests, quirks and all. That will never change. But now more than ever we have to teach our children to not allow the disregard of others to harden their hearts…I’m praying for our country. My people. Black mothers and fathers. Other races who empathize and want to be better. The ones who hurt but don’t know what to do. Even those who believe the fault belongs soley to the victims. 

I’m praying that no matter what my family, our children can see others through the eyes of God and see themselves as Image Bearers of Christ, no matter how they may be seen in return….

The Disconnect…

I’ve noticed over the past few days, I’ve been glued to my phone. Always something to see, like, watch, post and repost. 

And our oldest son called me out on it…”Mommy, put your phone away unless someone calls you, ok?” Ok. So until Monday my goal is to disconnect from the idleness of social media. It’s so easy to open an app, scroll and before you know it a half an hour has went by!!!! 

Today my heart’s desire is to really be present with my family. Not just in the same room, but to fully engage with my husband and children-everything else can and will wait.

Are you up for the “one day of disconnect” challenge????? If so, leave a comment saying this you’re in!!! Xo

Evolution of Father’s Day…

Growing up I never really celebrated Father’s Day. My dad wasn’t really too involved for the most part…No shade he just didn’t have it in him to do what was never done for me.

Honestly I never celebrated Father’s Day until after I was married and a mother. I now had a reason to celebrate-my husband is an amazing father. 

And here’s my top 2 reasons for celebrating him…

#1-He shows our children what a man is and does. My husband always shows our husband where his strength comes from-God and prayer. Knowing that He can only be and do is best through Him, He leads our family the same way. Kemp shows our children first hand that it’s his responsibility to take care of, protect and lead our family. Over the years that’s meant him taking a second job, going against the grain without regard to the opinions of others and pressing his way to show his support even when it means lack of sleep, taking time off work or working an extra 3-4 nights a week(at his second job) to make sure we had everything we needed and most of what we wanted. I have no doubt that the standards that he’s set will be the markers my children measure manhood by.

#2-He Loves Me Well. My husband shows are children what a godly husband is. Outside of protecting and providing, making our marriage a priority is key. We go on dates, he’s affectionate, he prays for and with me, he fully supports my dreams and he does all he can to ensure that I’m in the best place, both mentally and spiritually, to serve our family.

So Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers young and old. I hope yacht this day is just a repeat of the love shown to you daily!!!!

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