What If???

Monday I got a call that was totally unexpected. This call lead to another call, which lead to setting up a meeting at our home on Friday afternoon.

Can I be honest?? Im super excited. I am so amazed at how God works and that He thinks so much of our family that we could be a part of doing something amazing for Him.

Amazed. Excited. Nervous. Anxious. Expecting. Ready.

Those all describe me right now.  I now that this is not a mistake or just something that happened out of the blue…This my friends is a God thing.

So, as we are hopeful to embark on something new and beautiful as a family, I ask those of you who are believers to pray. Pray that God’s favor be with us and that we get to give of ourselves and our home, as a family, for God’s Glory.

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On the Other Side


I read this this morning and for one reason or another, it touched my soul in such a sweet way. It encouraged me like only One can and it told me ever so softly, to keep believing for the best. Life can be tough. Some situations can knock us off of our feet, take our breath away and cause our hope to become a crumbled piece of paper that we’ve thrown into a corner without any regard.

Keep believing. Keep striving. Keep talking to God about your heart, your pains, your passions. He’s listening. He already knows the outcome. He desires the best for you. Keep in mind what your resurrection looks like.

Keep remembering that on the other side of this is greatness…you just have to keep working toward it and expecting it.

*this quote comes from the book, univited, written by lysa terkeurst*

Monday Motivation: Knowing Is No Longer Good Enough

Inspiration and Information without personal application will never amount to Transformation” (from the book Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst)

Knowing is no longer good enough…Knowing you need to lose weight without eating healthier and working out is no longer good enough.

Knowing you need to be more organized without writing your schedule down and keeping it close is no longer good enough.

Knowing that you have offended someone without apologizing is no longer good enough.

Knowing you need to get out of debt without actually making a budget and plan to pay off bills in no longer good enough.

So whatever it is that you(we) know you need to do to be better, do it…knowing is no longer good enough❣❣❣

Thoughts on Election Day 2016….

I voted. I got my sticker. And now I’m waiting for the results. No matter who is elected, I have to focus on what’s important……being a light.

So friends, here’s a scripture for us to meditate on – Proverbs 21:1 The kings heart is like channels of water in the hand of the Lord; He turns it wherever He wishes.

No matter what the results are, lets all take personal responsibility for being better, treating others with respect and kindness, showing empathy and praying for our leaders, country and neighbors. 

Tweenin’ Aint Easy….

Today it happened. That thing that most moms hear about when it comes to their daughters. That moment when their emotions are at an all-time  high. Thinking logically is a distant memory. And the tears are flowing faster than you  can get tissue.  And as a mother you are completely at a loss of what to say or do besides hug her and rub her back…

Yep, I had that moment today. My tween was a complete crying and snotting wreck for at least 30 minutes. And as much as I wanted to tell her that she needed to get her 10 year old life together, I regressed. I stayed calm, rubbed her back and told her that I was so sorry that she was upset and that she wasnt having the best day. 

This was so awkward for me. Im a usually nonchalant person. Im quiet and 9 out of 10 times if Im bothered by something, I handle it in a private, introverted way.I think  through, write through, pray through most situations. And having a child who feels so deeply is taking me out of my comfort zone (which is a good thing), Im learning to step back and let my children acknowledge their feelings fully, while I validate them and then guide them into finding a solution, another perspective or even a better way of thinking and/or feeling about the person/ situation. My main focus being to comfort and support my child 100%.

With that being said… biggups to the moms of tween girls everywhere -praying that we will all have the patience to love our girls fully, showing them that they were designed without mistake, and that their mothers’ arms will always be a place of comfort and loving correction❣

Beyond Prayer….

Being better in any area of life is going to take active partipation…I used to think that prayer was the end all. Yes, we as Christians, are called to prayer. As a matter of fact, we are called to pray without ceasing…that means without stopping, no matter the circumstances, no matter how you feel, without doubting the goodness and worthiness of God (interpretation mine)

Yes, when I see areas of my life that need to be changed, my first instinct is to pray. Talk to God about it. Ask Him to help me be better. But for  awhile, that’s where I stopped. I told God about it. Waited patiently for Him to change me instantly. Guess what? Most times nothing happened. Nothing changed. I didn’t change. My life ans shortcomings stayed the same. For years, I’ve complained about my weight. I’ve prayed. I’ve cried. I continued to eat the cake and drink the sodas. 

Until one day something in me changed. I got FitBit. I started setting aside time to walk  and meet a goal. I started drinking greens smoothies every morning and stopped buying soda. I started drinking more water and eating less sweets. I started putting more thought into meals and incorporating more salads for myself. And guess what? Over the summer, I’ve lost 13 lbs.

But it took me doing something beyond my prayer. I prayed. I acted. I made new habits. I’ve seen positive results.

Pray. Yes, never stop praying. Pray big, bold prayers. Speak truth. Speak and expect good things over and for yourself. And then act. Do good. Do the word. Do what needs to be done so that you can be better….and do this all over again. Daily. 

How Hospitable Are You???

Hospitality…is one of thise things I didnt know that I had until I had to use it. As a wife to a coach, who is also an extrovert, there could be any  number of people invited to our home at any time. 

So here’s a few tips I’ve picked up over the years…

Decorate seasonally. Nothing makes a home feel more welcoming than having special touches all around to match the season. Most times I  find great decor, for low prices, in the dollar aisle at Target and also at Dollar Stores

Pops of Color. Add character and flair throughout your home with pops of color with your area rugs, throws, pillows, kitchen towels, etc.

Fresh Flowers. Fresh cut flowers automatically class up any space. They dont have to be super expensive either. Check for deals at your local grocery stores, farmers markets and also big box stores like Sam’s Club and BJ’s.

Scent.  A home that smells good is definitely a plus! Invest in candles, plug-ins, air fresheners and even essential oil dispensers.What ever you like, let that scent lightly envelope your home!

Snacks. Everybody loves snacks!!! Always keep a few on hand. Juice, water, hot beverages, chips/dip, nuts, cookies etc. Whatever the snack, try to have a variety to give your guest a choice.

Peaceful Atmosphere. Nothing sets an atmosphere better than prayer. Pray over your home, your guest and your family. Ask God to help you show forth His love and that your home be filled with His presence and peace.


I Choose…

So originally I was going to start this post with all that is going wrong in the world with violence, racism and patriotism…but Im choosing to write about what I can do…

I can choose to affirm my family and those I come into contact with…

I can continue to open our home, show hospitatility  and invite people into our life to see our family, a black family, living for  and loving God…

I can continue to to be a light in even the darkest situations…

I can continue to love on the young men my husband coaches…

So, I will choose to love in spite of all that’s going wrong in the world.

I choose to be strengthened and encouraged  instead of negative and suspicious…I choose to remain focused on building and teaching my children. What do you choose????

In the Midst of the Mundane…

Today I was in the car running errands, you know doing the mundane tasks that have to be done😉, and I had this moment of gratitude…like real thankfulness where my eyes got teary and I just thought about all of God’s goodness. There’s been a couple of things  that have happened where before I would have been down and out, upset and my thoughts would have ran wild. But in spite of it all I was able to just thank God for His grace and for His peace…

Have a great day and I hope you even in the midst of the mundane, you have a grateful heart❤️❤️❤️❤️

Monday Motivation…dream

Don’t be afraid to dream big dreams,

Dreams that cause you to question all that you are and what you’re made of.

Dream. Plan. Do.

Don’t stop at dreaming. Write out a plan. Do what you once thought was impossible…inspire others to do the same❤️

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