My Quarantine Top 5…

Like so many others, being quarantined has been a little rough. However small, there have been some brights spots.

Here’s my top 5 favs during quaratine:

  • Liberex Facial Cleansing Brush -Yall, I have no idea why I didn’t buy this thing sooner but it is amazing!
  • L.A. Girls Ultimate Intense Auto Eye Liner-its stays put and makes it easy for me to do a subtle cat eye (while homeschooling and cooking 430 meals a day)
  • Pocket Planner-I admit I am a planner junkie! But with nowhere to go, my regular a6 sized planner has alot of white space. The pocket planner is the perfect fix!
  • The Office-this show has become a nightly ritual for my husband and I! The dry humor is the best…and I might have taken an online test and had alot in common with Dwight:/
  • Plants-I have became a house plant addict! The fresh greenery makes me smile and is an inexpensive way to brighten any room.

No matter how small, I hope that you have something that brings you joy!

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