You Got This…

Can I have your ear for a second??? Being a special needs family is hard. There seems to be no off moments. No time to just be. My mind is constantly running….as well as my feet. I’m always feeling as if there is something that I am doing wrong and as if people might think that I am a horrible mom. Here are a few of the things that I’ve learned:

*Guilt is a part of the game.

the guilt….oh the guilt! I feel bad about being upset. I feel bad about my number five going through so much in utero. I feel bad because my attention isn’t always given as it should. I could go on and on, but guilt has played a big part.

*Talking is essential.

One of the things that I have learned is to talk…talk about whats going on with our number five. Being thorough with his doctor, making sure that I document his changes and be his biggest advocate. And on the other end, talk to my husband. Be honest about having hard days and when I need a break.

*Big ups, you deserve it!!!

Lastly, I have so much adoration and respect for other parents of special needs child(ren). It is so easy for people to overlook the things that parents go through in everyday life dealing with behavior issues, the changes that go on in a household while trying to be a peaceful, loving advocate for your little love(s). Even in the hardest moments parents, You got this!!!

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