Beauty in the Different…

A few weeks back, I took our son (number 5) to the doctor. This doctor visit was out of pure exhaustion and wanting to make sure that as parents we were putting everything in place so that our child will thrive and have the tools needed to be his best self.

Well, I got a call yesterday morning from his doctor. He had met with his collegues, reviewed number 5’s IEP, paperwork and along with his personal interaction he had a diagnosis…ADHD. If I am being completely open, this diagnosis didn’t surprise me, but it did knock the wind out of me…

We went over the game plan: therapies, meds and follow-up. I was writing all the info down but my head was swimming. Swimming in the what-ifs.

What if my son is labeled? What if he is seen as aggressive and bad instead of as rambunctious and determined? What if an inability to focus is seen as laziness? What if?

Then came the tears…then came the focus: Him. Our focus is to pray, speak life and do everything that we can to ensure our son’s success.

Is it going to be easy? Probably not. But what I do know is that not only am I his mother, I am number 5’s biggest advocate.

Love. Advocate. Learn. Correct. Teach. Build New Rhythms. Create a Pathway for the Unexpected. See the Beauty in What’s Different.

That’s my plan…and I am sticking to it.

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