Praying for Parents…

In light of all that has happened in the past few days, there has been a sadness. If you’ve watched ESPN or even glanced at social media, you can feel the weight of shock and sympathy for Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gigi, and the other passengers on the helicopter that mean so much to so many…

I dont have anything enlightening or super soothing to say. All I do have is a praying heart for parents…

Lord, I pray that you cover our children in your grace and protection. I pray that as parents, we be able to love our babies well and give them all that they need to become all that you have called them to be. Father, I pray that our homes be a peaceful place for our children to learn, grow and make beautiful memories. Father, I pray that you strengthen us as parents to speak into our children, nurture their gifts, correct them lovingly and teach them to love you and others well. God, I pray that we be impactful as parents and that when we do see You, that you tell us well done….In Your Precious Name, Amen

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