Patience and Faith are my Virtues….

So…the past couple of days my sweet, much needed virtues of Patience and Faith, have been much needed.  I went to the Dr. yesterday and was told that my little man was still very high up and I was only dilated 1 centimeter.  And then on top of that I have to get another ultrasound to see how much are little guy weighs, my doc says that she is estimating that he will be 8 pounds or more.  This news was not music to my ears!!!

I honestly was going to this appointment hoping and praying that there was going to be some relief for me in near sight.  All my fellow mama’s know about the discomfort, heaviness, anxiety, and sleepless nights that come along with the tail end of pregnancy.  And I just wanted out!!!  I want my body back!  I didn’t want to have to push out a 10 pounder and I just want to see my little guy, and know what his name will be (yeah, I had a dream about another name last month, so now the name that we already had is in question :-))

But right now, with the baby chillin and the other things that have been coming up lately, I have decided to let patience and faith be my anchors.  I am believing that even with everything that is going on that God’s best is going to come from it and I still have a lot to be thankful for.  Regardless of when our baby comes and how much he weighs, I am extremely thankful to be his mommy.  I am thankful about how God has blessed my womb with my 2 previous pregnancies (40   weeks exactly w/Virginia and 39 weeks 1 day w/twins) when I was told that I wouldn’t be able to carry any child to full-term b/c of a weak cervix.

So for me I have to keep going back to my anchors, the very things that will keep me grounded and steady~patience and faith.  I have to be PATIENT w/the process and have FAITH that all things are going to work out for good and that God’s glory is going to be shown in my life.  I can’t say that I have it all together but I can say that I am believing and expecting to receive the best from every area of my life!!!

So, how about you?  What virtues are you holding on too right now????


Top Ten Before Baby To-Do List

Hello All!!!  As I was in the shower, this post came to me!

“Top Ten Before Baby To-Do List”!

1. Shave~yep this is my #1! Maybe it’s just me, but I want all my areas to be “decent and in order” for delivery day!!!

2.   Stock Up~Sams and Target runs are definately in my future! Diapers, wipes, personals, and other odds and ends are needed!

3.  Get a Pedicure~ No explanation needed!

4.  Order a Pretty Hospital Gown~  for some reason, I just want something that is super comfy yet FAB at the same time!

5.  Get a New Phone~ The new Galaxy Note II looks great!  I love the thought of being able to get everything done on one great device.

6.  Finish Organizing Home~ our laundry room needs to be cleaned, cabinets reorganized, and I would love to freshen up our living room w/new pillows, drapes (in a pretty, deep eggplant color) and getting the carpet cleaned.

7.  Get a Haircut~ nothing too drastic, but I am seriously thinking about cutting off a few extra inches just b/c I will be in the house for awhile.

8.  Meal Planning~ this will be a big plus and will save me time during the day, which I am sure I will need w/four kiddies 7 and under!

9.  Go On a Day Long Date w/Hubby~ our alone time will be limited! Between a new baby, him working full-time, returning to coaching w/ in a month and running his own program for young men, we need a day just for us before Baby Boyd gets here!

10.  Pack My Bag~  now w/ my runs to Sams and Target completed and hospital gown ordered, I will have everything that I need to pack my hospital bag…including a cute and comfy outfit to wear home from the hospital (thanks to Target’)!

Could you add anything else to my list?  If so, leave a comment!!! Blessings~

Prepping For Boyd Baby Number 4!!!!

It has officially started for me!!! The major prepping (for the most part) for Boyd Baby Number 4!  Our little guy’ s bag is packed, his clothes and bottles are washed, and my birthing plan is in place.  I am officially 35 weeks and the countdown has begun in our household.


Like most mothers, I am still a little nervous but also EXTREMELY ready to see my little guy and to no longer be pregnant.  The weight gain hasn’t been so bad but the season of “uncomfortableness” (is that even a word?) and feeling like I am carrying a ton are now in place more than ever…I’m currently dreaming of the day when I no longer have to give myself a pep talk when it is time for me to get up out of bed and off of the couch:-)

I often think about about who’s he is going to look like and how much he will weigh.  One of my biggest thoughts is about how going from three kids to four is going to change our everyday routines.  How will our schedules change?  Will I be stuck in the house for weeks at a time?  How will our twins adjust to their new little brother?  Will I turn into the mom whose always late and is constantly in sweats b/c of a lack of sleep?  Will the hubby and I ever get to have date night again?  Will our fourth child be our last child?  How long will it take me to lose my current baby weight annnd the previous weight from the twins too (please tell me that I am not the only Mama is this situation?!?!?)?  And on top of all of that we had our name picked out and then all of a sudden a few nights ago a totally different name kept popping up in my dream~so now we are also waiting on confirmation about Baby Boyd’s name…what is his name going to be?!?!  There are so many questions swirling through my mind that sometimes I just have to call a “Mental Time-Out”…and right now is definately one of those moments!

Although it can be challenging for me, my plan of attack is focusing on the best and confessing the best possible outcome:  A calm, event-free natural delivery, a healthy baby boy, a smooth family transition,a speedy recovery, peace, help available when it’s needed and everything we need being provided.

With the packing of bags, picking up the last few items, doing some re-organizing and speaking out the best, that is pretty much the bulk of my baby prepping!  What about you, how did/do you prep for a new bundle of joy and what is the most valuable piece of advice that you can share with me and other mommy-to-be’s????  Blessings!

>Have you mended your net today?????

>I just finished talking to my oh so wise Pastor (s/o to Pastor Eula Greer!!!) and as usual I was given a nugget that blessed me and of course I wanted to bless someone else…! When our conversation was coming to a close, she said that she was about to go “mend her net”. Hmmmmm I thought. And then she went on to tell me that she was about to read her Bi ble and cry out to God ie, “mend her net”.
Pastor told me that if she wanted to catch”fish” and be a blessing she had to make sure that her net was able to hold what God was going to put in it……. .
I looked up the word mend and it means “to repair, improve, or to heal” . So, if the net is our life, the fish are God’s blessings whether they be revelation, souls 4 Christ, or the fruit of the spirit…..we have to be prepared to receive. And what better way can we prepare for God to pour out on us but by strengthening our relationship w/Him through His word and talking to Him personally. So my question to you is…….have you mended you net today????

>Whats Your WORDS for 2011?!

>I just read a text and it asked what word would describe you for this new year??? And that got me to thinking….if you could choose and work toward three descriptive words for 2011, what would they be?
Take the time to build your future with positive words that will shape your days, actions, weeks, months and essentially your entire year. My advice? Open your Bible, meditate, and say what Gods says about you…..there is no limit to what God can do through you……m

>The Gifts

>Today as I am on my way to pick up some gifts for our kiddie, I am reminded of the message that my Pastor spoke on yesterday….Gifts. We as parents are gifts to our kids (the Mommy gift!). Not only has God so graciously given us the bodily make-up to conceive,carry, nurture, and birth life, He has given us the gift to be our children’s first teacher, encourager, caretaker,exhorter, example, and to be the first to introduce our kids to their “Daddy God”. Being a gift as a parent is no easy task but with God, love, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, prayer, and patience we as Mommies can be the gifts that keep on giving day after day……..

>I’m back!

>Hello all!! It has been awhile but I’m back! Today has been a great day. Church was awesome (I worked in children ministry allay). And the weather was great so I was able to take the kids out to play but even before all that just to be in sync w/the Holy Spirit is an awesome thing! I woke up this morning w/ the best intentions….I was going to have a positive attitude no matter what. Then my test came… hubby hadn’t been in the best mood b/c the team that he is defensive coordinator for lost and needless to say he was a little upset. And instead of me keeping my peace I got upset too. I apologized but honestly I still had a whole conversation going on in my head about what he did wrong and how I could have pointed it out. Then we got to church…..and it was my turn to teach childrens Sunday school needless to say Iwasnt feeling like a good teacher. Then we prayed and we started to sing our song “be nice,be nice,be nice is the rule,when you are nice to others God is pleased w/you!” Wow! As soon as the kids were eating their snack I texted my hubby the words to our song and asked if he would please forgive me. Today I learned not only the importance of keeping a godly attitude no matter the circumstances andhow much easier it is to teach something that I have already learned….Miracles& Blessings 🙂

>The BIG 3-0!

>As my thirtieth birthday quickly approaches, I have been thinking a lot. A lot about life and what it is that is important to me and what makes me happy. I dont mean to sound selfish or self-centered, but a lot of my thoughts have been about me and what I really like and want…….For so long, I have always did what I thought others expected. For instance, when I was a junior in high school( bless God, that seems so long ago! lol) I wanted to major in journalism. Creative writing, journaling, and reading were always fun to me. I could read novels and write short stories for hours with such enthusiasm and the ability to picture everything I was reading or writing in my head in movie like form. So….journalism felt good to me! But once I told a few people my plans I was quickly shot down and told the journalism was not “practical” and that I wouldnt be able to support myself with a degree in it.
So, instead of doing what I wanted, I did what I was told………found something practical (which was criminal justice). Although I worked in the crimal justice field for five years, I was never fulfilled. It always felt like work. When I heard people say that they loved what they did for a living and that work was a joy, I could not relate and honestly the thought of enjoying my job was hilarious!
So when our daughter was almost a year old I left my job to be a stay-at-home wife/mother. And I am so grateful that I am able to be at home with my children to teach them and love on them, but I dont want my journey to stop there. I have really been thinking about what I can do to help me be a better wife and mother and also what makes me happy.
Here’s what I came up with: it is time for me to step out on what is “normal” for me. Example-this blog!!! I have always wanted to write a book and this blog is a step in that direction. Do me!!! I have a soft spot in my heart for young women dealing with pregnacy issues, so volunteering once a week at a local pregnancy agency will be me giving back. Quality time!!! Spend more time outside of the house with my kids; even if it is just playing in the yard. Self-examination!!! Meditating on the word of God to see if my life is lining up with God’s standards and journaling about my days. Exercise!!! My hubby got me the treadmill Ive been wanting, now it’s time to loose the baby weight (can I even still claim baby weight if the twins are a year old now? lol) Stick to my schedule!!! making my daily schedule and sticking to it while still being open to any changes that the Holy Spirit may have on deck!
I am soooooooooooo looking forward to a great year! While I am learning to do more for myself, I am so glad that in the process I can be an example of Godliness and grace for my babies. Do you got any dreams that you pushed to the back of your mental closet??? I dare you to pull them out, examine them, and clean them off to see what happens……..You might just find the very thing that you’ve been searching for all along…….
Miracles and Blessings;)

>What’s Your Fragrance of Choice?

>”The fragrance of Heaven”……….when I heard this statement today I could literally fell the goosebumps coming up on my arms! The fragrance of heaven-man I bet that smells good! I can just imagine that the fragrance of heaven is sweet, lingering yet not overwhelming, gentle but unforgettable, and just………beautiful. If that is what the fragrance of heaven is, then I want to smell exactly like that! I want my scent to linger and be unforgettable to all that I come into contact with. I want them to want the very fragrance that I have on. And when someone asks me what it is, I can tell them about my special fragrance……Jesus. I can tell them that I never leave home without bathing in His presence first………So, what has been your fragrance of choice today?
Miracles and Blessings…………..

>Back To Normal…………

>For the past week and a half, my mother-in-law has been in town and having her help has been great! I have been able to come and go without dropping the kids off, take some time to myself without having to plan it a week in advance, and I didn’t even have to worry about changing too many diapers………
But tomorrow morning things will be back to normal. I am dreading it a little because the kids haven’t been on their normal routine……, adjustments will be made! But I am glad that my children got a chance to spend a lot of quality time with their grandmother and just enjoy being in her presence.
With a lot of prayer, patience, and persistence, the Boyd Family routine will back in full effect. But until tomorrow, we, as a family, will just enjoy being together just to be together………
Miracles and Blessings