Prepping For Boyd Baby Number 4!!!!

It has officially started for me!!! The major prepping (for the most part) for Boyd Baby Number 4!  Our little guy’ s bag is packed, his clothes and bottles are washed, and my birthing plan is in place.  I am officially 35 weeks and the countdown has begun in our household.


Like most mothers, I am still a little nervous but also EXTREMELY ready to see my little guy and to no longer be pregnant.  The weight gain hasn’t been so bad but the season of “uncomfortableness” (is that even a word?) and feeling like I am carrying a ton are now in place more than ever…I’m currently dreaming of the day when I no longer have to give myself a pep talk when it is time for me to get up out of bed and off of the couch:-)

I often think about about who’s he is going to look like and how much he will weigh.  One of my biggest thoughts is about how going from three kids to four is going to change our everyday routines.  How will our schedules change?  Will I be stuck in the house for weeks at a time?  How will our twins adjust to their new little brother?  Will I turn into the mom whose always late and is constantly in sweats b/c of a lack of sleep?  Will the hubby and I ever get to have date night again?  Will our fourth child be our last child?  How long will it take me to lose my current baby weight annnd the previous weight from the twins too (please tell me that I am not the only Mama is this situation?!?!?)?  And on top of all of that we had our name picked out and then all of a sudden a few nights ago a totally different name kept popping up in my dream~so now we are also waiting on confirmation about Baby Boyd’s name…what is his name going to be?!?!  There are so many questions swirling through my mind that sometimes I just have to call a “Mental Time-Out”…and right now is definately one of those moments!

Although it can be challenging for me, my plan of attack is focusing on the best and confessing the best possible outcome:  A calm, event-free natural delivery, a healthy baby boy, a smooth family transition,a speedy recovery, peace, help available when it’s needed and everything we need being provided.

With the packing of bags, picking up the last few items, doing some re-organizing and speaking out the best, that is pretty much the bulk of my baby prepping!  What about you, how did/do you prep for a new bundle of joy and what is the most valuable piece of advice that you can share with me and other mommy-to-be’s????  Blessings!


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