>Have you mended your net today?????

>I just finished talking to my oh so wise Pastor (s/o to Pastor Eula Greer!!!) and as usual I was given a nugget that blessed me and of course I wanted to bless someone else…..you! When our conversation was coming to a close, she said that she was about to go “mend her net”. Hmmmmm I thought. And then she went on to tell me that she was about to read her Bi ble and cry out to God ie, “mend her net”.
Pastor told me that if she wanted to catch”fish” and be a blessing she had to make sure that her net was able to hold what God was going to put in it……. .
I looked up the word mend and it means “to repair, improve, or to heal” . So, if the net is our life, the fish are God’s blessings whether they be revelation, souls 4 Christ, or the fruit of the spirit…..we have to be prepared to receive. And what better way can we prepare for God to pour out on us but by strengthening our relationship w/Him through His word and talking to Him personally. So my question to you is…….have you mended you net today????


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