>I’m back!

>Hello all!! It has been awhile but I’m back! Today has been a great day. Church was awesome (I worked in children ministry allay). And the weather was great so I was able to take the kids out to play but even before all that just to be in sync w/the Holy Spirit is an awesome thing! I woke up this morning w/ the best intentions….I was going to have a positive attitude no matter what. Then my test came…..my hubby hadn’t been in the best mood b/c the team that he is defensive coordinator for lost and needless to say he was a little upset. And instead of me keeping my peace I got upset too. I apologized but honestly I still had a whole conversation going on in my head about what he did wrong and how I could have pointed it out. Then we got to church…..and it was my turn to teach childrens Sunday school needless to say Iwasnt feeling like a good teacher. Then we prayed and we started to sing our song “be nice,be nice,be nice is the rule,when you are nice to others God is pleased w/you!” Wow! As soon as the kids were eating their snack I texted my hubby the words to our song and asked if he would please forgive me. Today I learned not only the importance of keeping a godly attitude no matter the circumstances andhow much easier it is to teach something that I have already learned….Miracles& Blessings 🙂


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