>What’s Your Fragrance of Choice?

>”The fragrance of Heaven”……….when I heard this statement today I could literally fell the goosebumps coming up on my arms! The fragrance of heaven-man I bet that smells good! I can just imagine that the fragrance of heaven is sweet, lingering yet not overwhelming, gentle but unforgettable, and just………beautiful. If that is what the fragrance of heaven is, then I want to smell exactly like that! I want my scent to linger and be unforgettable to all that I come into contact with. I want them to want the very fragrance that I have on. And when someone asks me what it is, I can tell them about my special fragrance……Jesus. I can tell them that I never leave home without bathing in His presence first………So, what has been your fragrance of choice today?
Miracles and Blessings…………..


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