Top Ten Before Baby To-Do List

Hello All!!!  As I was in the shower, this post came to me!

“Top Ten Before Baby To-Do List”!

1. Shave~yep this is my #1! Maybe it’s just me, but I want all my areas to be “decent and in order” for delivery day!!!

2.   Stock Up~Sams and Target runs are definately in my future! Diapers, wipes, personals, and other odds and ends are needed!

3.  Get a Pedicure~ No explanation needed!

4.  Order a Pretty Hospital Gown~  for some reason, I just want something that is super comfy yet FAB at the same time!

5.  Get a New Phone~ The new Galaxy Note II looks great!  I love the thought of being able to get everything done on one great device.

6.  Finish Organizing Home~ our laundry room needs to be cleaned, cabinets reorganized, and I would love to freshen up our living room w/new pillows, drapes (in a pretty, deep eggplant color) and getting the carpet cleaned.

7.  Get a Haircut~ nothing too drastic, but I am seriously thinking about cutting off a few extra inches just b/c I will be in the house for awhile.

8.  Meal Planning~ this will be a big plus and will save me time during the day, which I am sure I will need w/four kiddies 7 and under!

9.  Go On a Day Long Date w/Hubby~ our alone time will be limited! Between a new baby, him working full-time, returning to coaching w/ in a month and running his own program for young men, we need a day just for us before Baby Boyd gets here!

10.  Pack My Bag~  now w/ my runs to Sams and Target completed and hospital gown ordered, I will have everything that I need to pack my hospital bag…including a cute and comfy outfit to wear home from the hospital (thanks to Target’)!

Could you add anything else to my list?  If so, leave a comment!!! Blessings~


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