Pregnancy Update~24 weeks

This week I am officially 6 months preggo!  This is very exciting news b/c mannnn… this pregnancy seems as if it is going by in slow motion!  Everything has been going well, except for the morning sickness that started when I was 4 months(so not cool).  Other than that, we are progressing nicely and it seems as if my little bean made me blow up over night~last night to be exact!

We also found out that we are having a boy!!! Yay!!!  We were so glad to hear this b/c this means that the kid count around here will be even~2 boys, 2 girls.  We already have a name picked out and now its just time for me to get to shopping!!!!

So my plan for this week is to do just that~shop for baby!  I have my list so now it’s time to get this task done:-)

As my time of delivery approaches, my only concern is prepping everything for my little guy and having   our house/schedule fine tuned!  Do you have any advice for this soon-to-be Mama of four??  Leave a comment. Thanks!


Today is the Start of a New Journey…

Today is the end of the first week of a new school for my first grade daughter and for me…Without a doubt this has been different!  Their are more kids, bigger class sizes, unfamilar people and to be completely honest alot for me to fret over~if I chose too.

My daughter seems to like the school and her new teacher.  She has had nothing but good reports this week.  And honestly I have very little complaints.  Although this is going to be a journey, it is also a life lesson~this is teaching me soooo much.  And here are my Top 5 Lessons (thus Far!)…

Lesson #1~I have to set the tone.  If I am nervous and anxious, of course my kids are going to take on the example I gave them.

Lesson #2~Set standards.  The one thing that I am constantly telling my daughter is for her to be who she is, a God girl, no matter where she is, regardless of what is going on around her.

Lesson#3~Get Involved.  I plan on being involved! PTA, room parents, volunteer…where ever I can do to help, get to know parents and staff, and also to let others know that I take my children’s involvement in school seriously, I’ll be a part of.

Lesson#4~Pray and Believe.  I have been praying daily for the school, staff, students and parents.  Even in our nightly devotional I have been asking the kids to pray too.  I also have to believe that the foundation that we are laying for our children is steady, that God is covering them where ever they are, and that the Holy Spirit will give me the wisdom to handle this new journey that we are on.

Lesson#5~Speak out the best.  As I pray, I also continue to confess that my children have the favor and the wisdom of God working in their lives.  I confess that they are lights in every situation and that know who they are in Christ and are covered by the Blood of Jesus.

So, for all the moms who have entered a new journey this school year (whether it is public, private and/or homeschooling) what are you learning along the way????

>Life is……..precious

>Hello all!!
Today is “Sanctity of Human Life” Sunday….and I just so happen to have a little bit to share with all on this subject.
And here’s my testimony…..
When I was 14 yrs old, I gave my virginity away (I started to say lost but honestly I willingly gave it away). I was a freshman in high school, naive, and to be honest my knowledge on sexuality and how precious my body is was close to none. My mom didn’t relaxingly the “bird and the bees” to me so to speak. She simply said “keep your panties up and dress down”. In no way do I fault her for anything that took place….she was doing what she knew to do and until you know better you can’t do better. A few months after I started having sex, I found out that I was pregnant. And I was beyond scared!!! I didn’t tell anyone except the boyfriend and a cousin of mine that lived in Georgia. So being 14 and pretty simple, I must add, I decided that I was going to hide it. My logic was that the longer I hid it, the farther along I would be, and hopefully by the time my mama found out I’d be near nine months.
Well, that plan didn’t work. One night my mama woke up saying she had a dream about fish and asked me if I was pregnant and of course I said no. She didn’t mention it for a couple of days and then bam!! I came home from school and she was waiting with a pregnancy test and she told me to “pee on the stick”. I dipped the stick in toilet water and it came out negative and for a second, only a second, I thought that I was in the clear. But the next day, Mama was waiting with another test and this time she put on her gloves (my Mama was a caregiver and one of the best I might add) and held the stick as I used the bathroom.
And the inevitable happened…..the truth came to light. Her daughter, 14 yeas old, was indeed pregnant and completely clueless. For a few days it was very tense. My Mama wa upset and as we all know we can.
say and do somethings in the heat of the moment that aren’t right.
So, she told me to call the boyfriend and his parents. We all met, the verdict was given and my Mom gave the final say LIm not raising nobody’s baby and I’ll make the appointment”. With that said I really didn’t know what was going to happen besides I wouldn’t be pregnant anymore due to me getting an “A/B” (short for abortion,we never said the word). Long story short, I had the abortion when I was almost 5 months. I remeber having an ultrasound, finding out I was carrying a boy, crying my eyes out b/c in that moment there was absoluely nothing that I could do.
For a really long time, I was ashamed and felt horrible. I just remeber how alone I felt afterwards and being told that I was “going to hell”
As the years went by, having an abortion was my dirty little secret and when I was 20 I got pregnant again. Without thinking too much about I got another abortion. My reasoning was that the guy I was w/wasn’t daddy material and after my first pregnany I vowed to never have kids.
Then when I was 23, I got pregnant yet again…….this time it bwas different. I made up my mind that I was going to have this baby and do everything on my own ,if I had too. I went to th dr. and found out I was 6wks. A couple of nights later while I was at work I started bleeding really bad. Long story short, I miscarried and my dr. told me that due to my 2 prior abortions my cervix was really weakand it would be a miracle if I evr carried a child to full term.
I was completely devestated b/c I made these choices and it was all my fault. A friend of mine called me not too long after I heard the news and invite me to church(thanks friend). I went. Repeneted, rededicated my life to Christ,joined my church, was filled with the Holy Spirit , and strted working in the children’s ministry. By no means was forgiving kmyself and others an easy process. It took a lot of time, tears, prayer, and surrender. But eventually I was able to forgive myself and accept God’s forgiveness and unconditional love.
When I was 25,God blessed me with a saved, sanctified, and Holy Spirit filled husband(very handsome I might add:-)). And on our one month anniversary, I found out we were expecting!! To wrap of of this up, at 30 years young we have a beautiful 4 yr old daughter and 19 month old twins. I went full term with Maddie and delievered her at exactly 40 wks. And with the twins,I carried them 39wks and 1day…….
The point of all this is that life is precious and God is a God of restoration. The mistakes that I made, the hurt and guilt that I felt were all covered in the blood of Jesus. If He did it for me, He can definately do it for you! Trust Him, Nothingos is impossible 4 God……..
PS*My Mama lived to see God bless me w/my hubby and Maddie. I can honestly say that she was the bestest “MawMaw” ever and our relationship was better than it had ever been……(my God is awesome!!!!)

>Whats Your WORDS for 2011?!

>I just read a text and it asked what word would describe you for this new year??? And that got me to thinking….if you could choose and work toward three descriptive words for 2011, what would they be?
Take the time to build your future with positive words that will shape your days, actions, weeks, months and essentially your entire year. My advice? Open your Bible, meditate, and say what Gods says about you…..there is no limit to what God can do through you……m

>The Gifts

>Today as I am on my way to pick up some gifts for our kiddie, I am reminded of the message that my Pastor spoke on yesterday….Gifts. We as parents are gifts to our kids (the Mommy gift!). Not only has God so graciously given us the bodily make-up to conceive,carry, nurture, and birth life, He has given us the gift to be our children’s first teacher, encourager, caretaker,exhorter, example, and to be the first to introduce our kids to their “Daddy God”. Being a gift as a parent is no easy task but with God, love, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, prayer, and patience we as Mommies can be the gifts that keep on giving day after day……..

>Snow Day!!!

>Today is a snow day. So the hubby,kiddies, and I are all home together! I’m learning to appreciate this time bc for so long its non-existent. Let me explain:my hubby works full-time and is a defensive coordinator at a local public high school. So for half a year or so, he leaves at about 8:30am and doesn’t return until about 9pm. So needless to say this time is greatly appreciated. So take the time to enjoy something or someone you love today, even if it is only for an hour….the difference could lead to the God idea that can change your life from this day on….

>Me Time

>Today I have the pleasure of being of at a women’s retreat!! In the midst of packing and getting the kids ready I could just imagine myself being alone….not really doing too much. Just having the time to reflect and hear myself think. Thank God for my hubby and our kids but at this very moment I thank God for me. I thank my Daddy for His unconditional love and for making me for a specific purpose. To all the mommy’s love on your families and take your duties as a wife/mother to heart but also take time to love and nurture yourself. When you’re at your best, you’ll be your best to all those around you…….

>The BIG 3-0!

>As my thirtieth birthday quickly approaches, I have been thinking a lot. A lot about life and what it is that is important to me and what makes me happy. I dont mean to sound selfish or self-centered, but a lot of my thoughts have been about me and what I really like and want…….For so long, I have always did what I thought others expected. For instance, when I was a junior in high school( bless God, that seems so long ago! lol) I wanted to major in journalism. Creative writing, journaling, and reading were always fun to me. I could read novels and write short stories for hours with such enthusiasm and the ability to picture everything I was reading or writing in my head in movie like form. So….journalism felt good to me! But once I told a few people my plans I was quickly shot down and told the journalism was not “practical” and that I wouldnt be able to support myself with a degree in it.
So, instead of doing what I wanted, I did what I was told………found something practical (which was criminal justice). Although I worked in the crimal justice field for five years, I was never fulfilled. It always felt like work. When I heard people say that they loved what they did for a living and that work was a joy, I could not relate and honestly the thought of enjoying my job was hilarious!
So when our daughter was almost a year old I left my job to be a stay-at-home wife/mother. And I am so grateful that I am able to be at home with my children to teach them and love on them, but I dont want my journey to stop there. I have really been thinking about what I can do to help me be a better wife and mother and also what makes me happy.
Here’s what I came up with: it is time for me to step out on what is “normal” for me. Example-this blog!!! I have always wanted to write a book and this blog is a step in that direction. Do me!!! I have a soft spot in my heart for young women dealing with pregnacy issues, so volunteering once a week at a local pregnancy agency will be me giving back. Quality time!!! Spend more time outside of the house with my kids; even if it is just playing in the yard. Self-examination!!! Meditating on the word of God to see if my life is lining up with God’s standards and journaling about my days. Exercise!!! My hubby got me the treadmill Ive been wanting, now it’s time to loose the baby weight (can I even still claim baby weight if the twins are a year old now? lol) Stick to my schedule!!! making my daily schedule and sticking to it while still being open to any changes that the Holy Spirit may have on deck!
I am soooooooooooo looking forward to a great year! While I am learning to do more for myself, I am so glad that in the process I can be an example of Godliness and grace for my babies. Do you got any dreams that you pushed to the back of your mental closet??? I dare you to pull them out, examine them, and clean them off to see what happens……..You might just find the very thing that you’ve been searching for all along…….
Miracles and Blessings;)

>What’s Your Fragrance of Choice?

>”The fragrance of Heaven”……….when I heard this statement today I could literally fell the goosebumps coming up on my arms! The fragrance of heaven-man I bet that smells good! I can just imagine that the fragrance of heaven is sweet, lingering yet not overwhelming, gentle but unforgettable, and just………beautiful. If that is what the fragrance of heaven is, then I want to smell exactly like that! I want my scent to linger and be unforgettable to all that I come into contact with. I want them to want the very fragrance that I have on. And when someone asks me what it is, I can tell them about my special fragrance……Jesus. I can tell them that I never leave home without bathing in His presence first………So, what has been your fragrance of choice today?
Miracles and Blessings…………..

>Back To Normal…………

>For the past week and a half, my mother-in-law has been in town and having her help has been great! I have been able to come and go without dropping the kids off, take some time to myself without having to plan it a week in advance, and I didn’t even have to worry about changing too many diapers………
But tomorrow morning things will be back to normal. I am dreading it a little because the kids haven’t been on their normal routine……, adjustments will be made! But I am glad that my children got a chance to spend a lot of quality time with their grandmother and just enjoy being in her presence.
With a lot of prayer, patience, and persistence, the Boyd Family routine will back in full effect. But until tomorrow, we, as a family, will just enjoy being together just to be together………
Miracles and Blessings