Today is the Start of a New Journey…

Today is the end of the first week of a new school for my first grade daughter and for me…Without a doubt this has been different!  Their are more kids, bigger class sizes, unfamilar people and to be completely honest alot for me to fret over~if I chose too.

My daughter seems to like the school and her new teacher.  She has had nothing but good reports this week.  And honestly I have very little complaints.  Although this is going to be a journey, it is also a life lesson~this is teaching me soooo much.  And here are my Top 5 Lessons (thus Far!)…

Lesson #1~I have to set the tone.  If I am nervous and anxious, of course my kids are going to take on the example I gave them.

Lesson #2~Set standards.  The one thing that I am constantly telling my daughter is for her to be who she is, a God girl, no matter where she is, regardless of what is going on around her.

Lesson#3~Get Involved.  I plan on being involved! PTA, room parents, volunteer…where ever I can do to help, get to know parents and staff, and also to let others know that I take my children’s involvement in school seriously, I’ll be a part of.

Lesson#4~Pray and Believe.  I have been praying daily for the school, staff, students and parents.  Even in our nightly devotional I have been asking the kids to pray too.  I also have to believe that the foundation that we are laying for our children is steady, that God is covering them where ever they are, and that the Holy Spirit will give me the wisdom to handle this new journey that we are on.

Lesson#5~Speak out the best.  As I pray, I also continue to confess that my children have the favor and the wisdom of God working in their lives.  I confess that they are lights in every situation and that know who they are in Christ and are covered by the Blood of Jesus.

So, for all the moms who have entered a new journey this school year (whether it is public, private and/or homeschooling) what are you learning along the way????


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