Pregnancy Update~24 weeks

This week I am officially 6 months preggo!  This is very exciting news b/c mannnn… this pregnancy seems as if it is going by in slow motion!  Everything has been going well, except for the morning sickness that started when I was 4 months(so not cool).  Other than that, we are progressing nicely and it seems as if my little bean made me blow up over night~last night to be exact!

We also found out that we are having a boy!!! Yay!!!  We were so glad to hear this b/c this means that the kid count around here will be even~2 boys, 2 girls.  We already have a name picked out and now its just time for me to get to shopping!!!!

So my plan for this week is to do just that~shop for baby!  I have my list so now it’s time to get this task done:-)

As my time of delivery approaches, my only concern is prepping everything for my little guy and having   our house/schedule fine tuned!  Do you have any advice for this soon-to-be Mama of four??  Leave a comment. Thanks!


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