The Beginning…of something great (and helpful)

Today I got a text that totally got my attention. It was from a young lady I know asking if I had any spare diapers b/c she had ran out and didn’t have any for her son.
I know that this text must have taken so much courage to send. I think that I would have been embarrassed, upset and maybe even a little negative if I were in her shoes. We texted back and forth and I told her that I would bring her the ones that I had w/me (b/c I was on my way to pick up our oldest daughter from school) but I would get her some while I was out.

While I was at the store it hit me that if she was going through this that there were probably a lot of others in the same situation. I’ve had an idea for awhile that God has called me to help young women but honestly the thought of it was scary and overwhelming. In the past I’ve let me thinking that I didn’t know enough or that I wasn’t a scholar of the Word or finances stop me from moving out of my comfort zone. But today I thought “just start”.

So that’s what I did; just started! I started by supplying a young lady diapers and wipes today. And that’s what I am going to build on–supplying a need. I know that there has to be other mothers in my city who are, have been or know someone who may need diapers for their child. I will be building from this experience to not only collect and distribute baby items but also encourage young mothers to be their best in every area of their life…the grace that God gives me, I want to give to them.

So, the journey of “Thee Mommy Diaries” begins…your prayers, ideas/expertise, and/or diaper donations (all sizes needed, hey I have to start somewhere right?!) are much appreciated! I’m thankful for purpose…my God given purpose-to be a help to young mothers in need:-)


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