Mindful Monday…

Walk in the newness that God created just for you. Dont let people, memories, situations or circumstances cause you to go back to the very place (feelings) that God has delivered you from…your time is precious and so are your thoughts.
Too precious to be wasted on people and situations that don’t know your value and didnt take the time to try. 
Not everyone will like you and some of the people that you were closest to will change positions…instead of close they will become distant. And that’s okay.
It’s okay for you to change your position b/c its obvious they have changed theres.  Act accordingly, but always respectfully. 
Never let jealousy, envy or strife spend the night in your thoughts and then move into your heart.  They’ll freeload, multiply and take up the very space that was meant for peace, growth and authentic love…
Know that you are so worthy of the best. Best life. Best friends. Best of everything…you are. Now start thinking like it. Start living like it.


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