How Do You Define Success????

I heard this question recently and it had me thinking…How do you define success?

I used to define success strictly by accomplishments, money, position and possessions…but that has all changed.
I used to think that me being successful meant having a college degree,  making more money that most of the people around me, wearing the best and most expensive clothing, having the highest positions and carrying big name handbags. 
Don’t get me wrong, most of those things aren’t completely wrong.  Let’s be real~ having goals and accomplishing them are a part of life and rightly so. Nobody feels better than me once I can cross something off of my goal/to-do list!

However I had things all wrong.  Everything that I thought would make me successful was b/c I wanted to be seen and I wanted people to notice me and all that I did/had.

Success now means purpose to me.  When I think about success I think about the things that God has put on my heart to do, helping others and being a source of help and encouragement to my family.
Success means creating a home environment that breeds love for God and others.
Success means creating lifelong memories that my family will cherish.
Success means recognizing that I’m not who I used to be and being better and doing better daily.
Success means loving my kids and being a mother that is patient, nurturing and positive.
Success means being a wife that loves, respects, and encourages my husband.
Success is loving me enough to take care of myself w/o feeling guilty.
Success is helping meet the needs of young mothers in my community.

Its amazing to me how my views have changed! What I do know is that success means something different to everyone…and it’s up to me to take the actions needed to make my successes reality….
How do you define success???


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