The Intro…

Around this time last year, I got a phone call that would forever change everything. Social Services called and asked if we would be willing to take in a newborn of a young lady I know. We said yes. A couple of weeks later, we were picking up a three week old. 

Picking him up was surreal. I don’t think I drove over thirty miles an hour because I was thinking “I have a little package to get home”. Yes I had done this four times before but this time was different.  This “little package” wasn’t delivered by me. This “little package” was entrusted to my care. After bringing him home and doing all the family introductions and answering hundreds of questions from our other children, it was time to do my formal introduction…
“Hi sweet boy. My name is Stacy Boyd but everyone around here calls me Mommy.💁🏾 I know that this might be a little much knowing that you’ve been in two other places in the last two weeks. By the way, I’m so sorry you had to go through that. But we are here to take good care of you. As you’ve seen, we aren’t new to taking care of little ones but you are our first bonus baby.  I have no idea how long you’ll be with us but please know that as long as you’re here you’re ours. We will always love and treat you like our son. I promise that we will do the best we can to ensure that your time with us is safe, secure and that you will always be treated like family. I also promise to pray for your birth parents and that they can get some things together to be positive examples for you. Like I said, I dont have a timeline for you but I do know that I love you already and that this, this very moment was meant to be.”

If nothing else, I’m learning that love, true love, involves grace. Grace that sees others through the lens of empathy. I still can’t tell you a timeline for this sweet boy where our home is concerned…however I can say that without a doubt he is our #5…


Mom-Shaming Is So Real…

Y’all, Mom-Shaming Is real out here on the internet…

Last week I randomly saw a post by one of the Duggar women that showed pics of her home. So the basis of her post was to show what her day to day is really like being a mother of two. The pics on the post included a pile of unfolded laundry, a stove that needed to be cleaned, a dusty end table and a pile of dirty diapers.

Well, some of the comments were horrid to say the least. People were calling her lazy, disgusting, questioning her motherhood and more. Honestly, they made me reflect. Reflect on a time when I would have been thinking the same thing. Saying what I would never do and even patting myself of the back for not being like her…

However, I’ve learned that my opinion is just that an opinion. Just because I have a certain way of doing things and standards set for myself doesn’t mean that their law, and that every other mom should have to live by them. 

I can remember thinking that bc I was a SAHM and handled all of the housework, cooking, shopping and keeping up with our crews (our children) schedule that every mom must have did the same thing right?  NO!!!! I know people who’s husband’s do the laundry, cook the meals and some who do the cleaning. Is that weird? Absolutely not!!! Every family has a different dynamic and has to do what works best for them. Because it’s not my way doesn’t mean it’s wrong. 

So please make sure that mommy-shaming isn’t a part of your social media persona. Just  because someone shares their life in motherhood on social media doesn’t mean that we should comment negatively on their  post. Sometimes opinions, especially harmful, mean ones, aren’t needed. 

Lets be a community of mothers’ who are encouragers and who share with a tender heart and respectful words….

Making The Adjustments…

So, we are 8 days in. I’m 8 days into having 6 children in our home. 

It’s been good. We are making the adjustments. Adjusting to having a newborn and a 10 month old, along with a pre-kindergartener and 3 elementary schoolers. Some days are better than others. I get enough sleep. I’m up and on it with breakfast and my house is mostly in order. 

Then there are the days when I’ve been up with my baby boy for hours and breakfast is cereal. I’m barely getting Maj to school by 830am and even though I have help I feel as if I’m doing somethings wrong bc I should be better organized.

But what I’m learning is to make the adjustments. Tomorrow I’ll probably be sleeping in and turning my phone off. My husband is on homework duty and he’s been the one in charge of communicating with our children’s teachers. 

I can’t do everything…so the adjustments have to be made. And I’m trying my best to not feel guilty throughout the process.

He’s Here!!!!

He’s here!! He’s here!!! Our newest family member Matthias Andre Boyd was born on 9/7 at 915am, weighing 7lbs 7oz, 19 1/2in. 

Can I just say that labor was exhausting!! I went in to be induced at 5pm on Wednesday and didn’t deliver my little buddy until the next morning at 915am. For some reason I thought that being induced was going to mean that my labor would be shorter…obviously I was wrong. Labor was long but delivery seemed to go by pretty quick…after about 10 good, gut wrenching, angry face pushes–my dude was here!!!

Our little guy is perfect! Healthy, content and getting all the love from his parents, 5 other siblings and family. 

What I can say is that Im still getting used to our new normal. I’m so used to getting my babies up and ready for school, fixing meals, supervising homework and handling all that comes with managing our household that when my husband tells me to go lay down and relax, it’s foreign to me. Relax? Lay down? For what…Im not tired!! There’s only so much napping I can do and just getting my brain to stop updating my constant mental to-do list is a task in itself. 

So, I’m trying…a little. To sit down. Relax. And allow myself to be helped. It’s hard but I’m attempting to take it easy…to heal and enjoy our new little guy…
Matthias Andre Boyd 

It’s Time…

It’s that time…for years I wasn’t ready. And couldnt fathom making the decision.  I thought about it. Contemplated. But back then, ultimately I wasn’t ready. 

But now it’s a new day. I’m ready. Ready for what you ask? Ready to get my tubes tied…yeah, almost 6 kids later I’m sure. I’m sure that I’m good on having more children. I’m 37 years old and my baby making days are over. If God saw fit, I would definitely take in more babies, children through adoption and foster care. But as far as me carrying another human…I’m good. My body is so done with those days. This wasn’t the worse pregnancy but I just know that I can’t do it again…

So here’s my advice to any woman who wants to know when do you know if you’re ready…you just know. Nobody can tell you when, it’s just something you know deep within you. So whether it’s 2 babies in or 20, do what you know is best for you❤❤❤🤰🏾

It’s Getting Real…

Time is winding up…sometime next week I’ll be giving birth to our baby boy. The last of the crew (I think, unless we adopt more babies😊). 

We will be a family of 8. Myself, my husband, 11 y/o daughter, 8 y/o boy/girl twins, 4 y/o son, 9 month old son (we are doing kinship and now have temporary custody) and then a newborn…for the most part, I think I haven’t really taken in the fact that we will have 6 kids. I’ve said it. But now it’s really just sinking in. The logistics of having 6 children is starting to settle in mentally. And the qusetions are starting to swirl arpund in my head: Do we need a conversion van? How am I going schedule cooking, cleaning and make sure kids are well prepared for school? Visitation with baby boy? I’ll be home with our 4 y/o and two babies…yes, I’ve done it before bc we have twins. But having a young toddler and a newborn is all new territory. I’m sure I’ll have days where I’m beasting it…schedule on point, meals prepped, clean and happy babies and house smelling good and intact. I’m also sure that there will be days when the exhaustion will be real, babies will be testy, no meal in sight and put house will look like a tornado has ran through it.  

So before the start of it all, I’m thanking God for grace. GRACE to be the best wife and mother that I can be. GRACE to maintain peace and love in our home. GRACE to say no. GRACE to rest when needed. 

GRACE. GRACE. GRACE. That’s my focus…

Spring Break, Marriage and Everything In Between…

This week is Spring Break, so we decided to continue our family tradition of going to Tennessee to visit my husband’s grandmother and family. 

Instead driving all the way through, the time we stopped and met some friends at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. It was amazing and our children really enjoyed it!!!  Then after the weekend, we trucked it to Birmingham and are spending the week there. Our children are loving on their garndparents and we get to take unlimited naps and trips to Sonic for happy hour drinks😎🙌🏾

More than anything I’m thankful. I so appreciate my family and the example that we get to show our children about marriage. I can whole heartedly say that I enjoy being married; I truly like and love my hubby. Spending time with him and just laughing is good for my soul. Even being physically attracted to each other 😍 is a blessing…I guess all of this came into play just seeing family either divorced, single or even somewhat hardened from past relationships. Just being in a good place in our marriage and growing is at the top of my “grateful list”.

So as we enjoy spring break and love on each other,  I am constantly reminded of how good God is to us and how my life is a complete testament to God’s grace. It’s good to be content and growing all that once…hoping Spring Break brings you lots of love, times of reflection and a deeper appreciation of all that you have! 


PSA: How To Not Be Rude

One of my biggest pet peeves has to be rude people…

I’m not saying that everyone has to be super friendly or even say anything besides hello but please, please let’s get better at simply acknowledging others.

So here are a few pointers:

•When you look someone in the eyes, in passing, say a quick hello, do a head nod or at least smile.

•Speak when you walk into a room.

•If you’re heading up an event, acknowledge when your volunteers come and when they leave.

Now that I’ve gotten off of my soap box and I’m no longer annoyed…👋🏾 I would like to say hello and thank you so much for reading my blog😉

Monday Motivation…

“Sometimes the only way to clear your mind is by cleansing your heart” -Me 

Ever had a person or situation on your mind constantly? I mean you’re thinking about a person day and night, replaying conversations, imagining what you would say if they said a certain thing…

Yes I’ve been there and honestly it sucks To be thinking of someone that you know is not thinking of you. And I had to come to the reality that things had changed and it was time for me to move on…

And here’s what it took: 

-Praying, talking out loud, journaling and admitting that I was hurt and putting a voice to every reason why

-Affirming that I don’t talk about, think about or dwell on past offenses and/or relationships

– Positively Redirecting thoughts and conversations that may come up about person/situation

Whatever the situation,or the person, that you need to move on from, I pray that you have the strength to start the process today. 

Move on. Affirm yourself. Be Great. Have Peace in the Process.

Things Change…

Ever seen that commercial where the guy says that he’ll never have kids, move to the burbs, or buy a mini van???

Yep, that dude should be my brother. 

I said I’d never get married-got married after courting my hubby for only five months.

I said I’d never have children-our crew includes four kiddies…I’m an overachiever bc we have a set of twins😂

Vowed that I’d be a successful warden in a women’s prison by time I was in my mid thirties-I’m thirty five years old and I’ve been our full-time “home manager” for the past nine years.

I said I’d never drive a van, a wagon or anything shaped like an egg-well…we just got a minivan last week, a had a Pacifica that is shaped somewhat like an egg and my hubby has a Magnum, which is classified as a wagon on our insurance😂😂😂

So as you can see, so many things have changed in my life over the past ten years. So many of the things I’ve never imagined have become my reality…and for that I’m thankful.

Things have changed and will continue to do so until the end of time…and I plan to keep evolving…growing…changing…     For the Better💕💕💕

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