Congrats On The Seemingly Small Wins….

Sometimes I am so quick to look over the “small wins” in everyday life. I don’t take the time to say “hey, good job on that” whether its to myself or another mama…

It is so easy for me to dismiss the seemingly little things that get done throughout my day that contribute to our home running better, my body feeling better or even cause me to be more efficient at my job.

So dear mama friends, I hope you take the time to congratulate not only yourself, but other mamas, on making it another day, loving on your babies, being a bomb wife/partner, crossing off tasks on your to-list….you’re worth it and you definitely deserve it!!!!👏🏾👏🏾


What if I told you that when I got up this morning one of the issues that came up in 2017 had presented itself today, on January 2, 2018? 

Well, this happened. And I was so tempted to handle it like I always have with negative self talk, asking why does this keep coming up for me and then the dreaded, deadly comparison game.  

The one thing that is sure is that a new year is only a new start, if you start doing new things, thinking new thoughts and building new normals. 

Nothing changes, if nothing changes…

Lets make the appropriate changes to make this year the best year yet…heres to an ever changing, productive, joy filled 2018!!!🥂🥂🥂

The Great Reminder…

A few weeks ago I spoke at our women’s gathering about our gifts. The gist of it was that our gifts and talents are given to us by God for His glory and to be a help/encouragement for others, they should be deepened by us, and that we shouldn’t dumb down the  great things that God has given us and put in us to fulfill.

Well, guess what?  I did it. I dumbed down something that God has given me to do. I didn’t talk about this particular thing with a humble confidence that I should have. i spoke with uncertainty and fear. No I don’t have all the answers but I know that God does and that HE will give me the wisdom, favor and plan to get done what needs to be done, for His glory.

So, today I had the great reminder…Its ok to be ok with the great things that God has given me to do and be. Now its time to walk in it and thank Him for what He has so generously given me to do for Him….

First Teachers…

Parenthood has so many twist and turns. Some days I am completely convinced that I am crushing it! My planner is up to date (including color coded events and a current to-do list that has checks by the majority of the items), the kids have had a hot breakfast before school, the house is clean, lines are in the freshly vacuumed carpet and it smells like either a tropical fruit or a warm sugar cookie, and I am dressed in appropriately cute mom attire and lip gloss is applied before 8am.  Then some days it’s the complete opposite. I get up late, the kids are scarfing down cereal, the house is a wreck and I may have picked up one of my youngest from school in my slippers… On those not so good days, it is so easy for me to criticize myself on how I should have gotten up earlier and if I only would have planned the night before, instead of falling asleep with my baby, I could have been deemed a success by the imaginary “mothering board” (these people exist solely in my head when I having not so good days, especially on the mommy front).

But one of the things that has stood out to me as of lately is that I am teaching my children, even if it isn’t intentional. As parents we have to set a standard for our children so that when they grow up and go away from home they have an example to refer back too.  Hopefully that example is a good one.

I want my children to always be able to recognize what real love is and does because of our home. I want them to know what a healthy relationship is because of our marriage. I want them to be able to take care of their home and be faithful to their families and careers because they have seen it from us first. I also want my babies to know how to live gracefully and be able to start again, with a clear mind and heart, when things go left.  All of it starts from home…Our Home…Their First School with us as Their First Teachers.

So today as you go about being a fabulous mama, think about what you are teaching your babies…on purpose and by example

Monday Motivation: Pray, Prepare…

“If You Pray For It, Prepare For It”…this simple, eight word quote speaks volumes to me!!! I can remember when we were in the process of buying our home. We had been looking for months, put in three offers, praying and believing…but nothing seemed to be going our way. 

I can remember feeling down and out, tired of waiting. But eventually, I did the opposite of what my situation called for. I started packing up stuff, throwing out what we didn’t need, and keeping the house that we were in like it was the home we had been dreaming of. And in time, we found our home and the transition was smoother because of the preparation that took place throughout the process. 

Same thing goes for our goals, dreams and aspirations…prepare, get ready, for what you’re praying for. If it’s to be a speaker- study, perfect your gift. If it’s s new car-keep your current one washed, cleaned out and up to date on maintenance. If it’s to be wealthy- clean your credit up and stay up to date on bills. Sometimes it’s not so much about how much we are doing, it’s about being excellent and consistent in what we are doing. 

So friends and fellow mommies, let’s start, and finish out, this week by Being Prepared For The Blessing(s) That We’ve Been Praying For…

What Are You Talking About?????

I had a convo today that still has me thinking…

I stopped by a friend’s house spur of the moment, just to say hey and catch up. Of course we started out with what’s been going on with our families, homes and everything in between. But it ended with us being able to speak about our dreams and what it is we would like to do to help others… and that’s the part that stuck with me. Have a positive convo today. Not just about all that is going, how people are doing but talk about something you’re working on, something that causes you to think outside of where you are right now…have a convo that pushes, motivates, you to think on a higher level!!!!

With Life Comes Disappointments…

Disappointments can be crushing. 

Life altering. Even paralyzing. 

But without a doubt disappointments are a part of life. Most times you cant avoid them. Can’t deny them. Cant forget how they made you feel. 

But I am learning. Disappointments don’t have to take my voice, my confidence, my hope…there’s absolutely nothing wrong with putting a voice to them and making them known to the person who dispersed them. Disappointments don’t have to be buried and tucked away never to to be heard from. They can be talked about. Explained. Discussed. Forgiven. Unraveled. Logged but not permanently tattooed in your memory.
Disappointments will more than likely keep coming. But they don’t have to negatively alter our attitudes or harden our hearts…hopefully they will cause us to grow and become better. 

The Next Step…

 I read something that designated deep within me today…”Sometimes the smallest steps are actually the biggest”. This rang true to me for a few reasons 1)a friend of mine is always preaching/living this…just do the next thing. 2)Im getting older. In about a month I’ll be 37 years young with 6 children. Entering a different phase in life and wondering/questioning what’s next? How can I use my gifts to help others? 3)I’ve been one to try to measure myself by others and if I’m being quite honest feeling like man, what can I do when so many others are doing such big, grand things??!

So, as I’m hoping to encourage you- I’m encouraging myself. Just do what’s next; no matter how small. If it’s start a blog-write your first post. If it’s loving a women-invite a few ladies to your home for dinner. If it’s being an author- start writing. If it’s being more organized- make plans for today. 

Whatever it is-just take the next step…I’m stepping right with you!!!👠👠👟👟👢

Dear Mama…

I was reading a blog post yesterday that so hit home. It was talking about black motherhood and how many times there are layers upon layers of things that play key factors into causing mothers to not be the parents they once were or would like to be. In this particular post it was instability, lack of finances and a husband/father with a drug addiction.

This was relatable bc I was once a part of that scenario. However for the longest time, I didn’t see my mother through the eyes of grace. I saw all of what I thought that I didnt get growing up. 

I didn’t factor in that she had her first child at 18 and was the mother of 3 by the time she was 23. I didnt consider the fact that the abuse that she suffered at the hands of my father more than likely caused depression and emptiness. I didnt see that her loosing her mother at the tender age of 12, then playing a key part in raising her other siblings and not having a good relationship with her step-mother probably shaped the way in which she interacted with others. Or the simple fact that she had been through so much by the time she had me at 28…honestly she was understandably worn out by life in just about every way. 

I didn’t give my mother enough credit.  All that she went through was rough and more than I could take but she survived. There wasn’t a time when I didn’t have a roof over my head or where she wasn’t employed. My needs were met and she stayed. I wasn’t in the system and she made sure that my niece wasn’t either. I always held a place of resentment in my heart from her making me have an abortion at 14 years old…never thinking that she made that decision bc she knew what being a teenage mom looked like and she saw something more in me. She never spoke bad about my father (when she could have) and always let me make my own decision about having a relationship with him. 

Depression. Addiction. Lack of childhood.  No one to really model/teach about womanhood and motherhood. Singleness. Being the only Provider. Crushing Memories. Unrecognized Feelings of Agony, Grief, Pain, and Abuse. 

Dear Mama…I wish I could tell you I see your pain. I recognize your strength. And that grace covers it all. 

Marriage…Existing or Thriving???

One of the things that I enjoy about my marriage is that I really like my husband…we talk. Laugh. Dream. Work together. Love. 

I never grew up seeing thriving marriages. I seen people just together. No passion. No affection. No unity. Just together. Basically roommates. On the flip side, I seen others who wanted people to think that they had the best relationship ever. Only to realize that it was all a charade and that they were just like, or worse off, than the others. 

Our marriage hasnt always been solid. Our first few years were really rocky and honestly I mentally packed my bags more times than I can count. But 12 years in, the one thing that I realize is that our relationship is just that…our relationship. No comparing to others, it just won’t match up. I’ve also come to know that it’s my priviledge to fully support my hubby and vice versa. Sometimes that will mean not being able to do what others expect me too. Or even clearing out my schedule for a few hours to help put wherever I’m needed. Whatever the case, Ive seen/experienced tremendous growth since I have made it my priority to be all in. We’ve gotten closer and saying that he’s my best friend isnt just another cute phrase…it is the truth. And it carries weight.

So, if I could give any advice to another married couple, I would say position yourselves to thrive in your marriage. Date. Converse. Love Strong. Support One Another. Make Love. Kiss. Dream Together. Have Belly Laughs…dont just coexist. 

Grow Individually Together.