Love Well…That’s the Goal

A little over two weeks ago, my sister-cousin lost her Dad. My Uncle’s death was completely unexpected…

Throughout this time, I have been able to witness my cousin Gina being loved well. She’s an only child and her Mom, my fav Aunt, died 18 years ago. Loving Gina well meant family from Georgia and SC, dropping everything and coming to Ohio for the weekend. We had dinner, laughed, cried and joined her in celebrating her Father’s life.

For me I have been able to be a supportive sister-cousin. And it has been my heart’s joy to see her love God and people well through her grief. She has most definitely made me and her parents in the heavens proud.

So…that’s it-when you are in the position, love people well. Your presence and love can be the very thing needed to help someone’s heart heal❤️

Posted in: Joy

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