COVID Hit Our Home Again…

Where oh where do I start?!?! So back in the end of February my husband wasn’t feeling well. Of course he thought that it was a cold but being me, I persisted that he get a COVID test.

And the test came back positive. While not surprised I was feeling like “ok, we can handle this. I’ll make sure husband is hydrated, well rested, and taking his vitamins and supplements daily. All should be well, right? Wrong…

On day seven Kemp was really lethargic, sweaty but didn’t have a temperature. So, I texted my primary care doctor (who I also attend church with), gave her the details and asked for advice. She asked me what his oxygen level was…didn’t have the machine so I went to Walgreens (yall I practically flew there). So his oxygen was low eighties and dropping. My doctor said that he definitely needed to go to the hospital.

So I went into superhero mode…I called a friend and asked if he could come and take Kemp to the hospital. My main reasoning behind this was because I didn’t know how much help I would need getting him out of bed and calling an ambulance was totally out of the question. Two years ago I had to call a ambulance because we found my sister in our home, in our room (which was hers before) unresponsive and I know the panic and trauma that caused. What I didn’t want was to open wounds that are still healing and scare my children even more.

We got Kemp to the hospital, I got the kids set up with lunch and then headed to the hospital myself. I was allowed to be with him while he was in the emergency triage but once he was admitted into the hospital I had to leave. Long story short, if my husband would have stayed home with his oxygen steadily declining a ventilator would have been the inevitable. And from there, there unfortunately isn’t always a comeback story.

Thank God for His grace because my husband was only in the hospital for a few days and his is now back to himself, well a better version of himself.

If nothing else, COVID has definitely been a daily reminder that life is so precious and as cliche as it sounds, definitely short.

Be healthy and safe friends!!!

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