3 BTS Tips…

Alright Mamas it’s that time again…back to school!!!🗂🖊📝

As a mom of six (4 in school) here are my go-to’s for back to school:

1. Plan– I write everything down. St the beginning of the year, I transfer the school calendar to my planner.

2. Get Up Early– I get up at least 30 minutes before my children. This gives me time to prepare myself for the day

3. Get Dressed– listen…this one took me a minute!!! However I always feel more productive and if by chance I have to run after a bus or go into the school unexpectedly, I’m good

Bonus: Buy alllll the school supplies you want…just for you!!!!

Here’s to another successful school year!!! 🥂🍾🥂

Posted in: Joy

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