So today I was listening to a podcast by Havilah Cunnington about boundaries. Yall …straight conviction!!!! I had been putting off setting a boundary, no longer doing something that was inconvenient, because I was afraid that this thing wouldn’t be done…

“It is no ones responbutlty to know what they are taking from you. You are the only one who will know what others are taking from you.”

So after hearing this a made the move to let the person know what I was doing was no longer convenient, so therefore I will no longer be doing it.

No is not a bad word!!!! It is so okay for me to not try to take on every single need that is presented to me… I cant. I’ve tried- its impossible and exhausting to try and do.

Having boundaries can be hard, especially when you have a heart to love and help people. By all means, when I can help I will, but I am no longer willing to exhaust myself and my family trying to do so.

Link to podcast:

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