Beyond Prayer….

Being better in any area of life is going to take active partipation…I used to think that prayer was the end all. Yes, we as Christians, are called to prayer. As a matter of fact, we are called to pray without ceasing…that means without stopping, no matter the circumstances, no matter how you feel, without doubting the goodness and worthiness of God (interpretation mine)

Yes, when I see areas of my life that need to be changed, my first instinct is to pray. Talk to God about it. Ask Him to help me be better. But for  awhile, that’s where I stopped. I told God about it. Waited patiently for Him to change me instantly. Guess what? Most times nothing happened. Nothing changed. I didn’t change. My life ans shortcomings stayed the same. For years, I’ve complained about my weight. I’ve prayed. I’ve cried. I continued to eat the cake and drink the sodas. 

Until one day something in me changed. I got FitBit. I started setting aside time to walk  and meet a goal. I started drinking greens smoothies every morning and stopped buying soda. I started drinking more water and eating less sweets. I started putting more thought into meals and incorporating more salads for myself. And guess what? Over the summer, I’ve lost 13 lbs.

But it took me doing something beyond my prayer. I prayed. I acted. I made new habits. I’ve seen positive results.

Pray. Yes, never stop praying. Pray big, bold prayers. Speak truth. Speak and expect good things over and for yourself. And then act. Do good. Do the word. Do what needs to be done so that you can be better….and do this all over again. Daily. 

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