Tweenin’ Aint Easy….

Today it happened. That thing that most moms hear about when it comes to their daughters. That moment when their emotions are at an all-time  high. Thinking logically is a distant memory. And the tears are flowing faster than you  can get tissue.  And as a mother you are completely at a loss of what to say or do besides hug her and rub her back…

Yep, I had that moment today. My tween was a complete crying and snotting wreck for at least 30 minutes. And as much as I wanted to tell her that she needed to get her 10 year old life together, I regressed. I stayed calm, rubbed her back and told her that I was so sorry that she was upset and that she wasnt having the best day. 

This was so awkward for me. Im a usually nonchalant person. Im quiet and 9 out of 10 times if Im bothered by something, I handle it in a private, introverted way.I think  through, write through, pray through most situations. And having a child who feels so deeply is taking me out of my comfort zone (which is a good thing), Im learning to step back and let my children acknowledge their feelings fully, while I validate them and then guide them into finding a solution, another perspective or even a better way of thinking and/or feeling about the person/ situation. My main focus being to comfort and support my child 100%.

With that being said… biggups to the moms of tween girls everywhere -praying that we will all have the patience to love our girls fully, showing them that they were designed without mistake, and that their mothers’ arms will always be a place of comfort and loving correction❣

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