How Hospitable Are You???

Hospitality…is one of thise things I didnt know that I had until I had to use it. As a wife to a coach, who is also an extrovert, there could be any  number of people invited to our home at any time. 

So here’s a few tips I’ve picked up over the years…

Decorate seasonally. Nothing makes a home feel more welcoming than having special touches all around to match the season. Most times I  find great decor, for low prices, in the dollar aisle at Target and also at Dollar Stores

Pops of Color. Add character and flair throughout your home with pops of color with your area rugs, throws, pillows, kitchen towels, etc.

Fresh Flowers. Fresh cut flowers automatically class up any space. They dont have to be super expensive either. Check for deals at your local grocery stores, farmers markets and also big box stores like Sam’s Club and BJ’s.

Scent.  A home that smells good is definitely a plus! Invest in candles, plug-ins, air fresheners and even essential oil dispensers.What ever you like, let that scent lightly envelope your home!

Snacks. Everybody loves snacks!!! Always keep a few on hand. Juice, water, hot beverages, chips/dip, nuts, cookies etc. Whatever the snack, try to have a variety to give your guest a choice.

Peaceful Atmosphere. Nothing sets an atmosphere better than prayer. Pray over your home, your guest and your family. Ask God to help you show forth His love and that your home be filled with His presence and peace.


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