This was a word that I used to use quite frequently, especially when I was referring to myself.
“Im JUST a stay at home wife and mother”
“I’m JUST a blogger”
“I’m JUST a volunteer”
“I’m JUST Stacy”
“I’m JUST Kemp’s wife”
Although it took a while, I can see how I allowed the “just'” of my life limit me instead of propel me.
I thought that what and who I was were so small in comparison to some many other people.
I never let my gifts and talents shine because I thought they were so mundane and insignificant…
I just settled into the shadows of mediocrity…
Now I understand that I am so much more than a Just, we all are. The things that we do, the person we are, the gifts that we have are significant, much needed and given to us for a purpose.
No longer am I JUST Stacy…I’m Stacy with a purpose and a mission to fulfill.



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