Reflecting on 2014…

This is the time of year where we as people usually reflect on what’s behind us and focus on what lies ahead.
2014 was a good year for me…a lot of change came into play and for that I am more than grateful. Not all of the changes made were external, a few of them, the biggest and most important were internal…changes that affected my mind and heart so much so that the ways I viewed myself were swayed~for the better.
2014 did come w/some hard decisions, one of them being to leave our church of ten plus years. Nothing drastic happened, no fall out w/leadership or members…just a strong knowing that it was time to do something different for our family.
This decision caused my husband and I to grow closer together…no one knew or could agree w/what we’re feeling called to do but us. It strengthened us. Caused us to pray without ceasing. Allowed us to support each other like never before.
I stepped out of my comfort zone and became a volunteer with teen and young moms. I’m very reserved and an introvert by nature, but just being with these young ladies causes me to be a mentor, mother figure and so much more than I ever imagined. I found my gift…
More than anything else, I have felt confidence like never before. I used to be so insecure. Constantly comparing myself to others and in the end feeling insignificant…
No this confidence didn’t come by osmosis…it came by me telling myself something different. I have a list of affirmations that I speak out loud and when I start to think a negative thought I replace it w/a positive one. And most importantly when I read the Word, I don’t just think that God’s love, His goodness and His gifts are for everyone else…they’re for me too.
All in all 2014 was an amazing year full of new beginnings, change and growth.
I’m so looking forward 2015 and to see all that God does through and for my family and I!
Wishing you a year full of greatness~Xoxo



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