Just yesterday I read an article about the co-founder of a popular natural hair product line, dying at the age of 45. Her death was a suicide. The culprit was depression…
So many struggle w/depression on their own, in silence and shame.
Especially in the black community, a lot of people go undiagnosed for years and then self medicate w/drugs and alcohol or even isolation. I personally believe that both of my parents suffered w/undiagnosed depression. And they both self medicated; my mother w/alcohol and my father w/drugs.
There were so many things that happened in their lives, things that would cause anyone to question themselves…I wonder what would have been different if they were open enough to talk to someone about their issues and take the necessary steps to help them be better mentally and emotionally.
I can remember talking to a young lady who went to my church. She would never follow up on her psych evaluations b/c she said that if she did people would treat her like she was crazy. Funny thing, she had a lot going on her life. She grew up in foster care, was in abusive relationships, she was homeless on and off, and she had five kids that were now in foster care.
She told me that she felt weak and that God didn’t love her b/c she had prayed several times for him to heal her mind…my heart broke for her. I asked her “what if the very medicine and therapists that you refuse to take and see are God’s way of healing you?”
Everybody doesn’t come through depression the same way.
Yes some might be able to pray, journal and meditate on God’s word but some are the very reason that God created people to be therapist, psychologist and counselors. He also created doctors to create medications. Please know that depression is nothing to be ashamed of nor should it be looked down upon.
Just know that during this Christmas season and beyond, I’m praying for those who are dealing w/depression, especially when it’s undiagnosed or untreated.
I’m praying that someone says a kind word to you today.
I’m praying that the hopelessness that you feel be lifted and that you be confident enough to seek the help that you need.
I’m praying that someone truly listens to the words you speak w/o judgement, but w/love, compassion and empathy.
I pray that someone takes the time to lovingly point you in the right direction away from all that you’ve been doing to just “cope” w/life.
I pray that you know that you are significant no matter what others say or even what you tell yourself…
Just know that I’m praying for you💜


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