Today was almost one of those days…the day where I woke up in a funk b/c I didn’t sleep well and it seemed as if my alarm went off when I had just drifted off into a sweet slumber…
My initial reaction was to say “no I’m not going to church and I will attempt to get the kids ready but if they are looking/acting at a little off, people will just have to understand that I’m nine months pregnant and I didn’t quite cut it with the morning routine”.
But then truth kicked in…I don’t have to go by my feelings.  I can choose to have a better attitude and just be thankful for another day and time to be w/my family.
So that’s what I did…choose the latter.
I choose to get ready for the day w/joy and appreciation.  There are some that really want family, faith, and love but don’t have it…who am I to be unappreciative of all that God has given me?  Therefore I choose to live in the blessings and not the ALMOST…



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