To Make A Birthing Plan or Not…That is the Question????

So, as of today I am 9 months pregnant (36 weeks and 2 days to be exact)!!!  And then there is the looming question, should I make a birthing plan or not?  It seems quite simple but for some reason or another, it’s not.

With our first daughter, Virginia, I was adamant about my birthing plan:  I was going to have a natural birth, no pain medication whatsoever.  Yes, I was overly hype from watching all of the episodes of TLC’s The Baby Story and reading  so many books, but I really thought that I could do it!  I went into labor and was trying my hardest to hold out.  Then I decided to get meds through the IV.  Not a great idea for me!!!  Yes the medication took some of the edge off of the pain but it was so irritating!!!  I got so sleepy but then I couldn’t go to sleep because of the constant contractions.  Eventually, about 12 hours in, I got the epidural.  Within the next 2 hours our little 7 lb 9 oz princess was born!

With the twins it was totally different.  From the jump I knew that there was a very good chance that I would have to get the epidural.  Ashlynn, aka Baby B, was breech.  My Doctor informed me that the epidural would be just about non-negotiable because she would have to either be turned manually or if push came to shove, a c-section would have to be done.  I was totally shocked, and content, that I was able to hold out on getting the epidural until the very last minute, the contractions were manageable.  Thank God, as soon as Asa was born, Ashlynn turned into position by naturally and she was delivered 13 minutes after her brother.

So, with baby #4 I’m not too overly pressed about the birthing plan.  My goal is to go without any medication just because the IV meds made me sleepy and the I absolutely loathe how heavy and numb my legs felt due to the epidural.  But the difference is that I know that regardless of how  my baby comes, the biggest deal is that he and I are both healthy.  And I wont feel any less of a woman if I resort to anything other than my original plan…if things happen to go other than I plan, it’s ok…although the process may change the outcome will be the same~a beautiful baby boy!!!! 


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