This Year (2013)…Play Your Role!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!  I’m hoping that everyone is enjoying their New Year and taking the time to reflect, plan and achieve…I have been seeing so many posts/tweets about people’s goals for this new year~and to say the least, I am impressed and ecouraged!!!

Earlier this afternoon, I was getting ready for my doctor’s appointment and I was talking to God and thanking Him for this new year.  And the one thing that the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart was, “Play Your Role”.  This phrase got me to thinking…thinking about me and what roles in life God that has given me…

In the past I have taken these roles lightly:  Follower/Learner/Disciple of Christ, Wife, Mother, Writer, Minister/Encourager of Women, Intercessor etc.

 I can honestly say that there have been times when I have shied away from these roles b/c I was afraid of what people would say/think, I spent too much time comparing myself to others, I doubted that I was good enough to help anyone, and I didn’t want the responsibility that these roles came with them.  I let so many things, fears and negative emotions keep me from doing and being everything that God has called me to do.

By no means will I say that stepping out is easy but what I will say is that is possible and it is so worth it!  My husband reminded me tonight about how much courage it took for us to get married.  Our families thought that we were crazy when we told them that we were getting married after only courting for six months.  But even in the midst of all of the drama, I knew w/o a shadow of a doubt that my future was connected to this specific man..Even, now seven and a half years and one month shy of four children later, I see clearly that…Courage helped me to say Yes, even when it would have been easier to say No.  The role of being Mrs. Boyd was already ordained for me and all it took was for me to accept it and Do it.

So what role(s) has God given you in 2013?  Some may be new and others might just be waiting for you to get in the game and no longer sit on the sideline.  Whatever they are, be strong and courageous…step out w/confidence and let God shine His spot light through you in your biggest stage appearance ever…Life.  Blessings~


6 thoughts on “This Year (2013)…Play Your Role!!!!

  1. Vinma says:

    I am really impressed by the faith you showed in marrying a person who you believed is right for you! Faith is difficult at times but worth in holding on to. Happy New Year!

  2. Dana Matas says:

    Hi Stacy!
    I too have four children and I see you are about to have your fourth as well. Welcome to the club! It ain’t easy but it is full of blessings!!! Get ready to be blessed…and don’t feel guilty about taking those naps either.

    I could totally relate to your feelings about not wanting to tell anyone what you feel called to do to serve the Lord. There are people who I still have a difficult time talking to about my desire to encourage people in their faith and family through blogging. I’m getting over it slowly but surely. That said; it is nice to know I’m not the only one with these feelings. Thanks for sharing!

    Anyway, I found you on Bloggy Moms and just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood.
    Happy Blogging!

    • mommydiaries says:

      Thx so much! Its so encouraging to know its not just me! I look forward to following your blog, learning more about you and getting some great tips, advice on family and motherhood~blessings!

  3. pmoppins says:

    It’s easy to put self-imposed roles on ourselves that overtake our God-given ones. Thanks for the reminder to embrace the season that God has put us in and to make the best of it for His glory. Found you through Bloggy Moms.

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