One of My (former) Biggest Hurdles…

One of the biggest things for me to do, and that has been for a long time, is to openly and honestly communicate my feelings.  Growing up I never seen people around me have honest conversations.  It seemed as if people either told others about the problem, kept all of their feelings bottled up inside, and/or waited until their emotions had built up to the point where they verbally and/or physically exploded.  I have been through all of these scenarios and neither was good.

As of lately, I have been attempting to be more open and honest w/ people about my thoughts and feelings (when I feel led too and/or when it is appropriate).  Openly communication has been a lot of things for me.  It has been liberating, stress relieving, and to keep it all the way real it has also been isolating…

Although the good outweighs the bad in this case, the unfortunate is still there.  Telling someone what you think and/or discern about a situation isn’t always an easy thing to do or hear.  I’ve did it, in the most loving and authentic way I knew how, and the aftermath did not happen in the way I imagined.  Friendships were suddenly non-existent and in another case emotional boundaries were made (on my part).

 Out of the adversity of all this, I did learn a lot about myself.  I learned how to pray instead of ponder about people and situations, how to consider others and their point of view just as much as my own, how to journal my thoughts/emotions and instead of speaking and thinking on me, put God’s word into the equation, and lastly…how to move on w/o anger, animosity and a hardened heart toward people.

Communication, in a loving, authentic way is truly a gift from God.  He gives us the ability to make others aware  of what going on in the hidden places within us, while at the same time free ourselves from the possibility of being offended or even the one who offends others.  Even in all of that, God also gives us (when we ask and believe) the discernment to know when, what and how to effectively and lovingly communicate w/others around us.  

Communication isn’t just about talking, it is also about listening to and for the spoken and sometimes unspoken words.  So, as I pray and depend on God’s Spirit to help/lead me to be an effective communicator , I also pray that He helps me be a great listener~not only in the natural but also the supernatural…

Do you have any great tips on becoming a great communicator?  If so, please share by leaving a comment!

Miracles and Blessings~Stacy Boyd 


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