Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Today is Mother’s Day…a day that’s dedicated to the love, work, and drive of great mothers!
My mother died 4 years ago. The things that I remember most about my mom was her loyalty and the fact that I never heard her complain. 
When my aunt was suddenly diagnosed w/terminal cancer in 2004, my mom took care of her.
I can still recall the moment the doctor told our family that my aunt had terminal breast cancer that spread to her liver~and that he didn’t expect her to live for another 2 weeks and that his final recommendation was that she go to hospice.
Through tears and the shock of hearing that her baby sister was dying, my mom told my Aunt’s husband that she didn’t want her sister to go hospice and that no one could take care of her better than she could.
For the next few months I seen my mom take an unexpected leave of absence from work and totally commit herself to taking care of her sister. She cooked, cleaned, bathed her, combed her hair…she totally gave all of who she was to my Aunt when she needed it most~she was loyal.
Then just 4 short years later, my mother was then diagnosed w/lung cancer. The first time I seen her in the hospital after her diagnosis, I just remember how small and fragile she looked in her hospital gown.
My eyes got teary and I stopped dead in my tracks.
My mother, down 3 lbs from her normal 102 lb weight and petite 5 foot frame, looked me square in the face and said “Don’t come in her w/all that crying. I’m gone be alright”…
Wow, in the very face of adversity there was no complaints, no why me’s, no anger~just faith that there would be a better tomorrow.
So to all the Mother’s I salute you!
I hope and pray that as you take the journey of motherhood daily that you reflect and be grateful for the great gift of being the first teacher that your child(ren) will ever know…make the best of every moment! Happy Mother’s Day!


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