I’m At Peace…

I’m at peace…
Not because of what I have or what I’ve done.
I’m at peace because I know who I am.  For so long this has been the question that lingered in my mind ” Who am I really?”.
At this very moment, in the midst of this peace, I know Who I am.  I know that I am created to be…not just do.
I am created to BE love.
I am created to BE a light.
I am created to BE the answer to someone’s prayer…
Knowing who I am has giving me a peace that I’ve never known…it’s given me the wings that I needed to fly beyond doubt, insecurities and shortcomings.
Peace~it’s what I needed to go beyond what I could ever imagine.


This picture is my weekly writing prompt for Bloggy Moms Writer’s Workshop!


2 thoughts on “I’m At Peace…

  1. SAM says:

    Wow! This is a powerful piece of writing. I’m at peace too, though I went a completely different direction with the picture. I love how its interpreted so many different ways. Thank you for linking up with Bloggy Moms Writing Workshop!!

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