Truth Needs No Defense!

Today I was told some news that honestly disturbed me…
My mind immediately started racing to what I did and how my intentions were to be a help.
I wanted to defend myself!!!
Never do I want anyone to think wrongly about me or my family; especially when our hearts were pure in the matter.
And then I prayed…
I prayed for God to open a door for me to be able to have a conversation w/this person to give the proper perspective.
But then I had a thought…the truth doesn’t need to be defended. I know my intentions and so does God and that’s all that matters to me.
If God presents an opportunity for me to address the situation great, but in the meantime I refuse to dwell on the matter.  It will take a bit of discipline and speaking the Word over my mind/thoughts but I’m not willing to let this situation take me out of the presence of God and into the land of “what if”. 
So, it’s time to let the truth, my truth, be my defense…


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