A Day in the Life of Me…..

Today has been one of those days…
The type of day when all I wanted to do was run to my favorite coffee shop, with journal in hand and write…write until I no longer felt impatient, overwhelmed or frustrated.

Although going to my favorite coffee shop is not an option
b/c I would have my kiddies in tow…I do plan on taking 30 minutes to journal.
It will be 30 minutes to get all of my frustrations, thoughts, impatience, excitement over upcoming opportunities, sadness about changes in relationships and the anxiousness I feel about a new season of life coming up, all out of my hedd and heart and on to paper and into the hands of my DaddyGod!
I’m sure that God can handle the weight of it all much better than I can…
So, my question to you today is what do you do when your having “one of those days”? I hope that it causes you to run to Jesus, like I have today…


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