RIP Ms. Houston…

As I watch, with so many others, the Homegoing Service of such a beautiful, talented and successful Superstar, my heart is heavy…
As I think about Ms.Whitney Houston, I think about her smile and her acknowledgement of her God-given gift that has touched the lives of so many over the years.
My heart hurts when I think about how much it must affected Ms. Houston to have every mistake that she ever made dnd her every struggle publisized for the world to see…
My heart hurts when I think about the pain and the uncertainty that her daughter Bobbi-Kristina must be feeling when she thinks about her life without her mother…
Even in this I find peace in knowing that even in the midst of the biggest storms that Ms. Houston endured in her life, that she KNEW that she was a Child of The Most High..
I believe that even in this tradegy, that God will get the glory. I pray that people everywhere push past their hurt and pain to ask themselves the hard question “Who is my Whitney?”
What person in your life do you see struggling through the storms of life and are on the very brink of being taken under by the current of their mistakes, pain, demons, addictions and circumstances? How can you help them…be a life preserver in their very time of need?
I’m not saying that being a firm foundation for someone on shaky ground will be easy..but it will be worth it!
Be an advocate, a mentor, a truth giver, an intercessor, a light for someone in nded. Be a vessel that God can pour His love through to help someone in the darkest hours of their the very thing that a hurting person can’t be for themselves~love and encouragement.
My sincerest prayer is that the life that Bobbi-Kristina lives bring honor to her mother’s legacy.
Rest well Ms. Whitney Houston, rest well…


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