It’s A New Month…Do Something New!!!

Every since the end of last month I have been hearing people talk about the month of Match coming up and taking the month to establish some new habits.  It started out with my husband speaking about “Creating a New Reality” (see previous post) and then last week I listened to my second favorite motivational speaker (my hubby is my #1), Eric Thomas, talk about the same thing I knew that this is something I have to put into action!  

I am taking the month of March to create some new habits!   What about you?  Are you doing something new for the month of March???


Create A New Reality

Yesterday my husband preached about “Creating A New Reality” and this simple phrase intrigued and inspired me. So today I pass it on to you!!

Today take the time to create YOUR new reality! Think positive. Visualize yourself doing whatever it is God called you to do(for me it is writing a book and encouraging women) frequently. Talk about success and greatness. Have conversations that encourage you and the person you are speaking with. Do your best. Don’t settle for mediocrity, let excellence be the goal no matter how small the task.

So try it today! Create A NEW Reality! Someone is waiting for your vision to come pass!!

Resurrection…What Does it Mean To You???

What does Resurrection mean to you?
To most Christians, it’s a time of gratitude. A time where all of our focus is on Jesus and everything that He did so that we can have fellowship w/a Holy God and an eternal home.
For others, it’s a time spent cooking big meals, laughing w/family, new outfits and plenty of colored eggs and candy…

This year, for me, Resurrection Day took on a new meaning!
Resurrection means “emerging, as from decay or DISUSE; the act of rising from the dead” (via

Seeing this definition made me think…what in my life needs to be Resurrected ?  What gift/talent/passion/dream/desire have I let die?  Maybe it died b/c I didn’t take the time to nurture it or maybe something died b/c it got buried under all the things that I call life and responsibilities.
Whatever the reasons may be, I am guilty of this type of death…and my dreams are in need of Resurrection.
So today I’m taking the time to nurture what was once dead and speak life into a once lifeless situation!

What about you…What in your life needs to be Resurrected? Is it a book that you want to write? A business that you want to start? A plan that needs to be written down?
Whatever it is, start today! Happy Resurrection Day!

*please leave a comment about your Resurrections so that I can intercede on your behalf! Miracles and Blessings to you…

A Day in the Life of Me…..

Today has been one of those days…
The type of day when all I wanted to do was run to my favorite coffee shop, with journal in hand and write…write until I no longer felt impatient, overwhelmed or frustrated.

Although going to my favorite coffee shop is not an option
b/c I would have my kiddies in tow…I do plan on taking 30 minutes to journal.
It will be 30 minutes to get all of my frustrations, thoughts, impatience, excitement over upcoming opportunities, sadness about changes in relationships and the anxiousness I feel about a new season of life coming up, all out of my hedd and heart and on to paper and into the hands of my DaddyGod!
I’m sure that God can handle the weight of it all much better than I can…
So, my question to you today is what do you do when your having “one of those days”? I hope that it causes you to run to Jesus, like I have today…