Mindful Monday….Love or Obligation???

Yesterday at church we received an awesome word about “Love or Obligation”…man, this blessed me! And better yet, it caused me to think…and to make adjustments.
Doing things for people out of obligation caused me to be dreadful…I’m only doing whatever I’m doing b/c I feel/think that I’m the only one to help, that this person realllly needs me or that if I don’t do the task it won’t get done.  Honestly, these aren’t good reasons to help anyone or anything.
If I’m dreading what I’m doing, 9 times out of 10, I’m not doing and/or giving my best…I’m just giving what I have too to complete the task at hand.
Dread also causes me to have a not so good attitude. I’m constantly thinking about something else I could be doing instead of what I’m doing at that moment…
And lastly obligation causes resentment.  Resentment sets in b/c for some reason or another I chose to do something that I really didn’t want to do. And now, my demeanor toward the person/people is somewhat cold and reserved.
But there is a brightside to all of this~LOVE!!!
When I’m acting out of love, my motives are pure and my one desire is to give my best. When I give my best, I’m not thinking about me…I’m thinking about the other person/people and what it takes to go above and beyond for them and their satisfaction.
When love is my reason, excellence will be my result.
Acting out of love will cause us to make a positive, Godly impact on others all for God’s glory.
Obligation will cause us to be resentful, stressed and half-hearted in all that we do…choosing love is choosing God.
What’s your choice today???


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