Mindful Monday…Love or Obligation???

Yesterday we received an awesome word at church about “Love or Obligation”…man, it really blessed me! But more than that, it caused me to think and make adjustments…
When I’m acting out of obligation, I feel dread.
I’m dreadful b/c whatever it is I’m doing, I really don’t want to do it. But I’m doing it b/c for some reason or another I felt like I had too. The reason might be b/c no one else would do the task or I didn’t want to tell the person no.
Whenever I dread something, 9 times out of 10, I’m not giving my best. I’m giving whatever it takes, nothing more, to get done w/whatever it is that I have to do.
Lastly, resentment comes from obligation. Sooner or later, I start to not like or want to be around the person b/c I know that eventually I’ll have to do the very thing I don’t want too.
But Love!!!
Love will cause me to go above and beyond b/c its not about me. I’ll give my all because my main concern is to make someone other than myself joyful.
When I act out of love, the end result will be excellence.  Whenever I do something with love as my motivating factor, God is sure to get all the glory…
So what is the motive behind your actions…love or obligation???


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