I Made A Choice Today….

I made a choice today…
I chose to walk by faith and not by sight.
I chose to believe God and His promises and not my emotions.
I’m taking a stand against doubt, lack, worry and unbelief. I’m standing for God…and I’m standing on His Word. And His Word tells me that I am chosen, blessed, favored and that all my needs are met.
Was this choice to walk by faith easy? No, but it is necessary. Faith is necessary for me to survive. I’ll be honest~if I were to set my focus on my circumstances and what is going on around me, I would give up.
I would be bitter, envious, and jealous.
I would think that God has forgotten about me.
I would go into isolation.
But God!!!
When I could have chose the natural, I chose God!
I chose to be optimistic, to rejoice w/others and to remember the specifics that God has whispered to me in my quiet times, and to be encouraged to keeping growing in God and in excellence.
I made a choice through my tears and disappointments to choose faith over discouragement and unbelief…what do you chose today???


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