What Are You Praying For???

I can remember moving into our last house and being soooo grateful! I was grateful b/c the house was a Godsend. It was sent at just the right time, we had favor with the owner and it was in a nice,quiet, family oriented neighborhood.
One of the first family devotions we had in our home, the prayer went something like this…”God, we know that you blessed us w/this house and its yours. We are just stewards and whaever you want us to do to bless others we will do, all for your Glory”.
Ever prayed a prayer like that?
Well, not too long after this prayer the answers to it came reaaallll quick! Our home became an open door for dinners, overnight guests, impromptu parties, and often time a place of rest for people.
Then one day the ultimate answer came!
We were given the blessing of welcoming a young man into our home, to make it his home.
Since that time, we’ve had at least 2 houseguests(1 just moved in) and its been a blessing.
A blessing that we can bless someone else with a place to call home, even if it was just for a season….
Prayers are an awesome vehicle for us to commune w/God and intercede for others…but it also important for us to listen b/c we may very well be the answer…the vehicle that God uses to bless someone else:o)


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