Mindful Monday….Who Are You Connected Too???

Who do you connect with??? Today I had a great conversation w/a great friend. Does that happen often for me? No, not really…but today was different.
I actually wanted to connect. Not in a desperate, type of way. But in a genuine, thought provoking, honest way.
It was two women, on their spiritual journeys being encouraged by each others honesty and life experiences. In the end, I learned that we have a lot more in common then just our roles as wives, mothers and wanting the best for our families.
I learned that connection is a wonderful thing when you’re connected to the right person/people. The right connections breed growth, love, honesty, correction when needed, and lots of laughs!
So, today I ask you to be mindful of who you are connected too and if that connection feeds your spirit what it needs for growth and encouragement…


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