Mindful Monday…on Tuesday:o)

My mindful moment this week is simple…instead of always asking God “why” ask Him “what”.
A situation came up and as I started to pray my first words to God were “why God, what is going on?”
As I sat and started my daily devotion, soon I started to feel a soft stirring in my heart. So I just started talking to God. I started to tell Him how I was feeling…honestly and w/all of the ups and downs that come w/the curveballs that come from the left field of life…
Then I just sat. I read my Bible. I wrotein my journal.
And then my answer came…ask “what” instead of “why”.
So, that’s what I did! I asked God “what”.
“What” God do you want me to get from this situation?
When I asked “what” my whole perception changed. No longer was I angry, judgmental or even self-righteous.
I was prayerful, compassionate and more determined to be faithful…
So I challenge you to ask the “What’s” instead of the “Why’s” and see if your perception changes…for the better.


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