Be You!!!

I recently read a comment on Twitter where a young lady told a celebrity that she was her “Idol”…for more reasons than one this statement lingered in my thoughts.
IDOL<=that's a huge statement.
When I think of a person being “idolized” I think of a copy. A copy may look like the original from a distance, but a soon as you get close enough you start to see that the copy is a flawed, unauthentic version of the original…
Its ok to admire certain qualities about people. Heck, even some of the people on Twitter inspire me to be more disciplined and diligent about writing…but to IDOLIZE someone is a totally discredit to God and the amazing way that he created you.
Your smile. Your voice. Your complexion. Your creativity. Your walk. Your heart…it was all made specifically for you.
So please short change God’s wonderful creation by trying to be someone that you are not.
You weren’t meant to be anyone but You. You are “fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14) and the works of God (You) are wonderful…
Be You! Nobody can be you except you…and you do it the best!


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