Mindful Monday~


Today has been a great day!!!
Our oldest daughter’s first day of Kindergarten was today and it’s also my 31st birthday:o)
More than anything, today I’m oh so mindful of time.  My awareness of how quickly our kiddies are growing up and how fast this year has went by were at an all time high!
Instead of dreading being a year older or dissolving into a puddle of tears b/c my big girl is in kindergarten and it seems as if just yesterday I was potty training her, I welcomed the joys that came w/this day.
I welcomed the smile that came to my face and the joys that filled my heart as I seen my big girl so excited about being a “real kindergartener”….I welcomed the urgency that I felt about being a year older and having a few specific “to-do’s” that I have to get done w/in this next year!
So whatever it is that you have on your “Lifetime To-Do List”, I hope that your being mindful of getting those tasks done…the time is now!!


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