Do You Live w/Integrity…..daily?

Earlier this week, I was picking up my daughter from school and I heard a statement that rang sooooo loud in my heart “Integrity is to be who you say you are”……
Whoa!!!! This simple statement blessed my socks off b/c it made me think.
It made me think about me and my walk w/ Christ. It made me evaluate me…..the ME no one sees, the ME that reacts when things don’t go as planned, the ME that over analyzes, the ME that still needs perfecting...
To be a Christian means more than going to church and using religious terms. It means growth, revelation, truth,living a life of love, prayer, humility, discernment… means to be an imitator of God…not just on Sunday or when we are around certain people.  It’s everyday, all day.
My prayer for everyone reading my blog is for you to live a life that is worthy to be called Christ-like. 
So my question to you is….are you living w/ integrity daily?


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