What’s Your Love Like???

Today as my family and I celebrate Memorial Day, I’ve been thinking a lot about…love. What does love look like, act like, feel like, speak like? 
Over the past couple of weeks, I can honestly say that my Love has been tested…and in a few areas I didn’t pass the test.  Not that I cursed someone out or punched them in the eye, but my thoughts toward them were less than pure (to say the least).
I found myself thinking about what I should have said and how I would act if this or that happened.  Can I be totally transparent? These thoughts took up a lot of my time b/c I gave them residence in my thought life.
Finally, I prayed and just had a real talk w/my DaddyGod. It wasn’t  a prayer w/a lot of “thee and thou’s”.  It was just me pouring my heart out to God and telling Him how I felt and what was really bothering me about the situation.
In the end, I ended up asking God to “create a clean heart in me and renew a right spirit w/in me”.
I learned a valuable lesson: Love looks like, acts like, talks like God no matter what the situation or how people act.
So, if God’s love is real, consistent, forgiving, honest, respectful, and does things in order, why shouldn’t I, if I’m His daughter and made in His image?
I’ve learned what my love is supposed to look like and I’m striving toward toward it every minute of the the day.
So what about you…what does your love look like???


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