Call Those Things That Are Not…….

Today my hubby and I had a meeting at our oldest daughter’s school…in a few months she’ll be a kindergardener and the twins will be in the two-year old class! (Woohoo!!! This mama will have at least 9 hrs w/no kiddies during the week come Sept.!)
Our main reason for the meeting was to find out if there are any schloarships available for next year…we want all of our kids to go to school together, which can get expensive (but well worth it).  But to my amazement, God had a different plan for this meeting!
At the start of the meeting, my husband asked the Director if we could pray before we got started and she said of course. This one act of obedience to pray gave birth to something that God wants put into action…
Instead of addressing the schlorships, we found out that one of the main needs in the school was for a parent to head up prayer once a week for the school/students/families/staff.
So, guess who’s been up at night praying for children and parents?  If you said me….you’re correct!  Guess who felt so much of an unction from God about this prayer? If you said me again….ding, ding!!! You’re right!
Although I went to my daughter’s school with one thing in mind, God had something else in mind..something bigger.
The moral is to keep an open mind and be receptive to the Spirit of God.
God has called me to intercede for this school and these families…therefore I’m completely persuaded that my DaddyGod will take care of the rest.
So I’ll continue to pray and”call those things that are not as though they were (Rom. 4:17, NIV)” on a bigger scale.  Not only for my family, but also for the children/families at my daughter’s school…part of God’s awesome plan!!!


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